Bull’s-eye: Strongbow Hits the Mark With New Hard Apple Ciders

When exactly does one choose to drink hard cider over beer? It’s a good question that many cider-neophytes ask when first presented with a friend ordering one. Hard cider is an ideal option for anyone looking for something lighter and sweeter (and often a more refreshing taste) than a beer, along with some of the complexity and flavor beer lovers have come to expect. This week, two new Strongbow flavors were unveiled, offering even more variety for veterans and newbies alike.

Consumers are more flavor-conscious then ever, yet there has been little to offer those who want an option between beer and wine that retains the crispness of the former and complexity of the latter. Two new flavors, Gold Apple and Honey & Apple, increase your options. Smooth, crisp, and with a kick, these are ciders that stand up to a beer lover’s need for a bright refreshment and a wine lover’s need for complexity and finish.

Gold Apple hard cider balances the sweet and tart notes of Golden Delicious apples with a smooth, crisp flavor. Honey & Apple, slightly sweeter, has taste notes of Red Delicious with subtle hints of honey.

For our friends new to hard cider, a few rules of thumb—the colder it is, the less vivid the flavors will be. If what you’re after is a more subdued, ice-cold version, pour a Strongbow into a half-pint glass with some ice. If you want to experience the complete flavor complexity, serving a hard cider at red-wine temperatures (roughly 55-degrees) will give you the full profile.

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Mar 20 2014

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  1. Can one get Strongbow Dark Fruit in USA? Family and friends fell in love with it while we vacationed in UK this summer.

  2. I just drank my last bottle of original dry Strongbow and am sad! This was the best dry cider around. A close competitor, K, went off market in the U.S. in 2010. The Strongbow Gold is just glorified apple juice, so unless original Strongbow comes back to the U.S., I’ll be looking for another manufacturer to step in.

  3. Where can i get this in south west florida? Fort myers area.

  4. Your new advertising campaign is a huge fail. Answer this; how does a song sung by children in a foreign language connect to your market? Hint: It doesn’t. It’s really annoying. Also, your product is overly sweet and has a distinct chemical taste. Huge fail all around.

    • Totally agree.

  5. Too sweet! I liked the original recipe DRY Strongbow. As a result of your change to what’s available, Crispin’s Browns Lane is now my go-to dry cider.

  6. Strongbow gold cider in cans Where can I get in Bakersfield, Ca.

    • Be sure to visit strongbow.com to find in a store near you.

  7. The original strongbow cider flavor needs to be brought back. I spent a lot of money buying the original flavor, bought the new product once and won’t spend another dime. As the old saying goes…if it’s not broke don’t fix it..

  8. Bring back the dark fruit Strongbow!

  9. These ciders from Heineken Strongbow are undrinkable. I guess I need to make a trip to Canada to get the Strongbow British Dry (Original Recipe)

  10. Is strongbow dark fruits cider available in the US

    • Currently this variety is not available in the US but be sure to check back!

  11. sorry, don’t have time to read all the comments. I was just introduced to Strongbow hard apple cider in Vietnam and I was wondering if this is available in the united states, preferable in California? please let me know if you have any information. thanks!

    • Be sure to visit strongbow.com to find in a store near you.

  12. I meant to type please bring the dark fruit flavor to the United States

  13. My girlfriend and I met four years ago because of strongbow *original dry cider. This mess is disgusting and we no longer drink Strongbow. You’re selling the hard cider overseas, JUST SELL IT IN THE U.S. AGAIN.

  14. Where can I buy the original Strongbow Dry Cider as the new one is so sweet it’s basically undrinkable? I rarely see anyone drinking the new version because of how unbearably sweet it is.

    • I believe it is still available in Canada as “Strongbow British Dry (Original Recipe)”. Or of course in Britain.

  15. While living in England, I absolutely enjoyed the original dry Strongbow, and as of today, the original remains my favorite, by far, alcoholic beverage to consume. So when I moved back to the United States, I was very pleased that it could be found here.

    Everyone I know who has tried the original version absolutely loved it, yet no one seems to prefer the new sweetened version. The dryness was delightfully refreshing, but now the excess sweetness just makes me pucker and leaves my mouth feeling coated with sugar. I was saddened when I realized that the Strongbow I had bought was strangely sweet, not refreshing, and lacked complexity, only to realize that I had unknowingly bought a completely different version.

    Why get rid of the original? The sweet cider market is supplied by Red’s Apple Ale (which is decent, but not as good as the original Strongbow) and the sickly sweet Angry Orchard. The original is more dry than the new versions, yet both of the new versions are very sweet. It would have made more sense to keep the drier original and one of the sweeter ones.

    Overall, I’m disappointed in the new versions and unfortunately will not be buying any of the Strongbow brand products unless it is the Original Strongbow.

  16. Regrettably, I have to say that until the original Strongbow returns, the brand is dead to me. I shall buy it no more.

  17. Please bring the original dry Strongbow back to the United States of America. What do you have to lose? Tried the new over sweetened stuff once when it was first released and will never drink it again!

  18. If you care any for the consumer, you would give us the option the majority prefer. You could’ve made the bottles more attractive, and kept old recipe for new customers.

  19. I have not heard one person say they like the new recipe. You have lost many customers for making the change to something so disgusting it is impossible to drink. Bring back the original!

  20. Bring back the original!

  21. Please bring the original Strongbow back to the USA. You do realize that not all Americans like the sweet cider right?

  22. Where can I find or order Strongbow Cherry Blossom. There seems to be no one in my area that carries this product.

    • Be sure to visit discoverstrongbow.com to find in a store near you.

  23. I wish you would bring back the original Strongbow as well, the new recipes are too sweet.

  24. I disagree… and now I can’t get real Strongbow anymore… all that’s available are the new ‘as sweet as southern iced tea’ versions. Luckily there are a lot of other vendors selling real hard cider (which is dry… not sweet).

  25. That dry cider taste was the best. Like others have said bring back the original and everyone would be happy.

  26. I for one love the new Strongbows! I have introduced them to several family members and friends and they too fell in love. I am not a beer drinker but this is great! Very refreshing on a hot summer day! My favourite is the Honey Apple. Thank you!

  27. Bring dark fruit to the USA and don’t change a thing about it please! It’s awesome!

  28. Bring back the original & keep the new flavors……everyone wins, including your bottom line. Don’t be so shortsighted to give up on the most iconic of all ciders.

  29. Good gravy, please please please give us back the original Strongbow. Why even buy the distribution rights if you are going to muck up everything that was great about Strongbow?

  30. Wow, After tasting Strongbow “Dark Fruit” in the UK this past fall, we were wondering if that flavor could be distributed in the US? It has the best taste of any cider my wife and I ever tasted. I believe it would be a “home run” here in the states.

  31. Visiting Niagara Falls in Canada and checked out LCBO. Behold the original British Dry!! It’s been ages since I enjoyed one. Stopped drinking Strongbow when you discontinued dry in the US. Too bad I can’t buy more when I return home…

  32. U would think after an overwhelming response in unity to bring back original Strongbow, that Heineken would listen??? I became a cider drinker years ago on a visit to London and drank Strongbow on the Thames my first evening there, a cherished memory- PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

  33. I’m with all the other comments. I just got a sixpack and won’t be buying another. Popular celebrity or not, the original was far better.

  34. The original Strongbow can was iconic and wonderful because it WASN’T sweet. Please bring back the original! Sweet ciders are oversaturated in the market, and Strongbow has been successful for so many years because it appealed to beer drinkers and those that liked the sweeter drinks.

  35. Awesome, will the US have the Dark Fruits (as the UK), by far the best drink, I have ever tasted!

    • Hi Kyle – Currently Dark Fruit is not available in the United States. Visit discoverstrongbow.com to stay up to date on all things Strongbow!

      • I think if you brought the Dark Fruit to the US, it would sell really well. I recently had it on draft in the UK, and Wow, it’s fantastic. For those of us on a gluten free diet, what a find. How very disappointing you’re not bringing it over at this time. What’s it going to take to get you to change your minds?? Anywhere else we can get it here? Please?

  36. Please bring back the original. All other ciders, including your new ones “hitting the mark” are awful. I sought Strongbow original out because it wasn’t sweet. I’m pretty sure you have quite a market who want it back.

  37. I love the berry! When will it be sold on its own? I can only find it in the variety pack. I do miss the dry cider of course. You really can’t make a snake bite with the sweeter versions.

    • Currently Red Berries is only found in the Variety Pack available in stores now.

      • Any plans for berry to be offered on its own in the future?

      • Currently there are no plans to offer the flavor on its own. Visit discoverstrongbow.com to stay up to date on all things Strongbow!

  38. I am baffled at why you would discontinue a classic drink that has been enjoyed since the late 1800’s. There has got to be some insidious secret behind this. Maybe you couldn’t make the original with high fructose corn syrup. You are vile scum. You give us 5 new sweeter than syrup varieties and not one bitter choice. Stupid. Your beer is horrible and we will never forgive you for taking the original away. Never drinking your swill again.

  39. The new ciders are awful. Please bring back the dry cider.

  40. Is there a difference between Honey & Apple and just Honey flavors?

    • Hi Jason –
      Currently there is only the Honey & Apple variety.

  41. I want to add my voice to the dozens already on here about the terrible decision to get rid of the dry cider. I don’t understand why both options aren’t available, especially when Strongbow was the only cider here that stood alone in its flavor. Now I may as well drink that Woodchuck garbage. I understand wanting to have a sweet option, but two sweet options and no dry? Come on.

  42. Please bring back the original Strongbow dry cider. Know that while I am still buying the gold apple, I would buy much more of the original.

  43. I see by responses to some of the other posts that Heineken USA does at least monitor these posts. Mark me down as another customer who would definitely welcome back the original Strongbow dry cider. I find the Gold Apple a bit too sweet.

    • Thanks for giving it a shot. While we value your feedback, we’re not bringing back the previous Strongbow. We will let you know if anything changes.

  44. Hi! Any suggestions on where I can buy Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider! I was in the UK for three weeks and found this incredibly amazing cider the day prior to flying back to the U.S. I live in Florida I cannot get this cider off of my mind!!! Any assistance would be appreciated. I do visit Michigan several times a year perhaps it’s available in Canada. I can totally see a market for it here in Delray Beach, Florida… I have the pint sized glass and it wants to be filled up!!!

    • Hi Julie – Currently Dark Fruit is not available in the United States. Visit discoverstrongbow.com to stay up to date on all things Strongbow!

  45. I always enjoyed the original Strongbow until as of recently when it was replaced by the new sweeter versions. I now have to travel to Canada just a get a British dry strongbow. Is there a plan in place to make this product available in the United States?

    • Hi Jessica. Thanks for giving it a shot. While we value your feedback, we’re not bringing back the previous Strongbow. We will let you know if anything changes.

  46. I just bought a strongbow in USA, what is this sweet stuff, apple juice?
    As a former Brit now moved here this is so disappointing. Why does corporate think Americans can’t handle a dry taste. Not all of us are candy chewing coke drinkers… Sad there is no vision, just lowest common denominator, from the empty suits at heinekenusa.

  47. Worst decision since New Coke. Bring back the ORIGINAL !

  48. I want to lend my voice to those consumers who are pleading for a return of “original” Strongbow Dry English cider to the US. As other posts have commented, there are so many sweet ciders out there, Strongbow now gets lost in the pack. What have other “original” Strongbow lovers found as the next best substitute still available in the US?

  49. Good news!!!! Strongbow Dry English cider is available in Canada. I thought I was going to have to move to Canada after the third Bush got elected but no, I moving for Strongbow Dry.

  50. It is overwhelmingly obvious that the new ciders are not as good as the original. Its incredible the widespread outrage that I read everywhere. Please please please bring back the original I can’t find anything like it. Your new ciders are terribly sweet and taste like all other crap ciders. Keep them if you want but bring back what us true cider drinkers want…. the original! PLEASE!

  51. I hate your rude commercial so much,
    I refuse to even try your STRONGBOW!
    It’s ridiculous and does nothing but make me annoyed, not thirsty.
    For this you hire professionals????
    Try again.

  52. The original Strongbow was what got me into ciders. This new stuff is sickly sweet. I understand that you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator to make money. But why not sell the original, too?

    • Thanks for giving it a shot. We will let you know if anything changes.

  53. Do you guys miss me yet? I’m still waiting for you to bring back the regular Strongbow. The new stuff isn’t dry and crisp, instead it’s sweet, and sweet was already available. Everywhere. Why did you need to be like every other cider? Were they making you jealous? Enough! Bring back the regular Strongbow!

  54. Please consider bringing back the old Strongbow. The new stuff is absolutely terrible and it’s sad that there’s nothing on the market like the “old” Strongbow currently.

  55. Not sure what these other post are talking about, but “too sweet” is fine by me! Great drink also I would be interesting in getting this drink to more places. It’s hard to find in a lot of the places i visit. Continue to make this great drink and I look forward to seeing this in every market!

    • Thank you! Be sure to visit discoverstrongbow.com to find in a store near you. Toasting you with a Strongbow over ice!

  56. I find there is a place for both a Dry cider and a sweet cider. But I do miss the original Strongbow, fingers crossed for your “Throw Back” campaign.

    • Hi Joey – Thanks for giving it a shot. We will let you know if anything changes.

  57. Just wondering if Anyone at heineken even reads this or if the marketing department has any sense of history…”NEW COKE” ring a bell????? this new US marketed Strongbow is horrible…sicky sweet and disgusting. Did you do any market testing with actual Strongbow consumers or just want to jump on the bandwagon with all the other crap American ciders out there already???? Thanks for ruining a perfectly good drink!

  58. Stongbow used to be a delicious cider in the true British tradition. Now it is absolutely horrible. Will never buy it again.

  59. I wish the original recipe was still available. It seems you just followed the herd and mimicked what everyone else was making. I liked the unique flavor you had and was the reason I bought it. Now you can buy ten different brands and they all taste the same. Too sweet for me.

  60. I thought maybe my local stores just stop carrying the Strongbow in a can. We (my partner and I) found and tried the Gold Apple and thought maybe it was just rebranded a year ago. It tasted… “wrong”. We thought maybe it was a bad batch.

    We then tried a multi-pack (Ginger, Berry, Honey, and Gold) of bottles this year (about a year later, after failing to find the cans at any store over the course of a year). It was just more overly sweet drek like you see shoved out there from Angry Orchard or whatever. It’s like the modern equivalent of the fruity wine cooler.

    I finally researched it online, and found the original Strongbow was discontinued. Well, more samey sweet drinks for the store shelves. At least I know not to try ordering a strongbow from any establishment that still carries it, since I’ll be getting the new crap instead.

    Some of my friends and I have accidentally bought some of this before we knew any better, but no more.

  61. Strong bow gold is fabulous hope can get it in florida

    • Hi Gina! Thanks for the support. Visit discoverstrongbow.com to find in a store near you!

    • Found it at Target!

  62. There are many other ciders to choose from, thankfully. Heineken ruined Strongbow. Wouldn’t even drink it if it was reintroduced.

  63. I grew up in Australia with the sweet, dry and draught Strongbow ciders and when I moved to the states I was pleased to find it here. Whenever I find a new cider I like to try it but unfortunately most were always to sweet or tasted like crap. I would always go back to the original Yellow Strongbow can as I knew I always would.

    I fought for years to bring Strongbow cider to Utah as the liquor commission would only bring in certain drinks. I eventually won through with support from other groups. I spread the word and got a lot of people hooked on the drink. We even got to the point if we wanted to sweeten it up a bit we would drop some apple pucker or apple vodka to give it more kick. Since the introduction of the new cider I have maybe purchased 3 Strongbow ciders, I find it way to sweet like all the others out there. Most of the people that I introduced it to and the people they introduced it to have stopped drinking it as it is now to sweet for them also.

    From a marketing stand point if you wanted the sweet cider market why not have the yellow can as the original and the black can as the sweet. I am sure your customer base has moved either for the better, worse or just stayed the same. I personally would have had the 2 styles so you could dominate the market and cater too so many more customers. HeinekenUSA you have missed the boat on this one. If you did bring back the yellow can your sales would increase immediately. I for one use to buy a slap a month, now my money goes to other drinks which aren’t as refreshing but are better than the Black Strongbow can.

  64. We drank Strongbow for years. It was our favorite. Drank. Was. Past tense. The “new” cider is not improved, and they are way too sweet. The changes to the product have not been well-received by your consumers, and there are SO many negative comments, yet all replies from Heineken state, quite emphatically, that the original Strongbow isn’t coming back. Period. Why? I have met no one that likes the new Strongbow. However, I know at least 12 people that no longer buy your product because they don’t like it anymore. From a business standpoint, your “sorry, folks” attitude makes no sense. You lost ALL of your former customers who were quite loyal to the Strongbow brand. ?????

  65. I was at a pub in St Louis that offered English brewed Strongbow on draft. Neither the description nor the sign mentioned any other word. Since I knew about your marketing mistakes, I remembered to ask for a sample. Sure enough the taste I received was that horrible sweet flavor specially brewed in Belgium for us dumb Americans.
    Please could you ensure that places offering the terrible new favors reflect this on their menu and signs? That way, your army of loyal original Strongbow lovers can avoid it like the plague.

  66. Fell in love w/ Strongbow while stationed in East Anglia in the late 80’s. I didn’t pay attention to the flavor and bought the Gold Apple version the other day. I thought maybe my taste buds had changed over the years. I could hardly stand it! Looking through these comments I’m relieved. Why mess with the standard? Please make the original available again.

  67. Just bought a 6 pack of Strongbow Honey. Pretty awful stuff. Maybe I can make some sweet bread/cinnamon rolls out of it? But pretty disgusting to drink. Way too sweet, sickly sweet.

  68. Ordered a Strongbow at the bar today and got quite the suprise I didn’t get the nice dry refreshing Strongbow I usually get. Instead I got a somethjng thatmade me sick to my stomach so much I left 3/4 of the beer in the glass.Thought I had gotten a bad can and left it at that. It had tasted like the horrible cheap Redds. I hate what you have done with what used to be a great cider. Please bring back the original this new stuff is horrible!

  69. LOVE YOUR HONEY APPLE..don’t change anything keep.up the great work Guys …..

  70. Hoping you’ll have a “New Coke” moment and realize that the original was what drew people to your product. The new flavors are far too sweet and frankly off-putting. Colossal mistake.

  71. Having spent a few years in the UK and developing a real fondness for Strongbow, I was excited to see it was offered here in the States. How unfortunate that it’s not the same–why you would choose to offer something under the Strongbow name and yet ignore the product that made it famous is beyond me. Offer different varieties? Sure. But eliminate the taste that made the name famous…someone did some poor taste research or something. I want the taste of England, not the taste of some overzealous marketing analysis.

  72. So nasty.
    Can’t believe it has been over a year since we bought Strongbow. The new flavors are disgusting and taste like spiked Motts. Must feel great to make a cider like everyone else.

    • We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  73. What is sugar content. Important information for us diabetic patients

  74. Strongbow taught me to love hard cider. Every other cider was sickly sweet, and Strongbow was fantastic. It was like you made an amazing champagne out of apples. Your new flavors might appeal to some, but tastes to me like any other crappy cider – like an apple flavored soft drink. We already have a market flooded with crappy sweet ciders. I understand adding new flavors, but to dispose of the brilliant recipe that made you the brand you have become was so New Coke. Please let me know when you correct this grievous mistake.

  75. I remember a time when adults could drink a beverage without it having to taste like Kool-Aid. I don’t know if this is just about marketing to millenials, but the original product was excellent and is missed. If you ever decide to distribute the original dry cider again, I (and many self-respecting consumers) will be happy to return. Until then, I will pass on your products.

  76. Just want to throw my voice in with those asking for the real Strongbow and its variants here in the US. It feels oddly patronizing to have a “specialty sweet” pair of ciders targeted at us and to not even have the option to choose the classic anymore. I DO enjoy both Gold Apple and Honey & Apple (Gold over the new one), but I’d really like to be able to have the same thing I had when I was over in the UK.

  77. I used to LOVE the original dry Strongbow cider but I HATE the new sickening sweet nasty stuff you are marketing to the US now. Afraid you lost this customer. Not all of us like to drink corn syrup:(

  78. I fell in love with Strongbow when I studied abroad in the UK. I cannot believe the original recipe has been reduced to the level of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It’s far too sweet. Sorry to say I’m no longer drinking your brand stateside. 🙁

  79. I have family in both the U.K. and U.S. and have always approved of Strongbow as a reliably delicious drink in the hot D.C. months.

    Your new drink is complete garbage.

    Overly sugary, and disgusting; removing the old variety to force this swill on us was bad and smells of an “edgy new marketer” you probably just hired and should just as quickly fire.

    New-Coke stunt probably, but I won’t be going back regardless.

  80. Your “new” Strongbow is a poor substitute for the original. Since you are not intending to bring it back, I will say “Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your unwavering desire to alienate your long time customers.” Don’t ever admit that you have made a marketing mistake, after all, it’s only money!

  81. I fell in love with Strongbow Dark Fruit in the UK, but can’t seem to find it anywhere here in the U.S. Any chance it is available here, and if not, then when?

    • Hi Randall — Right now there are no plans to bring Dark Fruit to the US. However, things can change. Stay up to date by checking out our website discoverstrongbow.com

  82. Gross!! I feel tricked!!

    • Hi Shari. Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  83. When in the UK I fell in love … with Strongbow, real Strongbow. For years I have been able to find it in the States.

    Now you only allow the sweet & syrupy versions. I will not purchase these again.
    If you correct your mistake I will gladly return to classic Stronbow.

    PS Don’t feel bad Coke made the same mistake a few years ago.

    • Hi Bruce. Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  84. Tried Strongbow for the first time while in St. Pete FL. Loved it. Always looking for a gluten free substitute for beer. Now we have returned to Woodhaven, MI and am trying to find a place to buy it.

  85. I hate the new ones and will not drink any Heineken product at all, until the ORIGINAL Strongbow is back.

    • Hi Layne. We hear you and appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. We’ll pass along your feedback.

    • I agree with you! The original Strongbow was amazing! My friends, myself and my family all drank it. Then one day I walk into where I always bought it and there was this new case/bottle there. I was told by the owner that Heineken had bought it out. Went home, opened a bottle and spit it all over the place. Heineken you took a beautiful dry cider and turned into a sweet girly drink! Did you not think all the loyal fans of Strongbow wouldn’t notice that you added 3 times as much sugar?! If you want to branch of to make a sweet version, be our guest… BUT BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL DRY STRONGBOW!!! Until then I will boycott your beverages.

  86. Thank you Heineken for ruining the Strongbow brand. The original DRY cider was the epitome of what a good hard cider should be. This new over sugared junk you have introduced in its place may draw in new fans (16 year olds drinking for the first time – perhaps you promote under age drinking? – or those who currently drink Seagrams coolers), but you have lost all US Strongbow fans. Perhaps you should read the posts on this blog and listen to the consumers of your product.

    • Hi Dana. Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  87. Bring back the original dry cider. New eldeberry and apple are Way Way Way TOoSWEET. You are going to lose so many customers!!!!!!!!!@

    • Hi Jen. While we value your feedback, we’re not bringing back the previous Strongbow. We will let you know if anything changes.

  88. Can not believe you would pull a really great product, and try and replace with a sweet sugar water. May even stop drinking “greenies” as an additional protest. Very sorry you went this route! jim

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  89. The original Strongbow was my favorite cider! I love the dry, less fruity/sweet taste. If you have access to the original formula it would be great if you could bring it back.

    • Hi Becky. Thanks for giving it a shot. While we value your feedback, we’re not bringing back the previous Strongbow. We will let you know if anything changes.

  90. I feel tricked. I bought the current Strongbow at my local liquor store. I thought I was buying my usual Strongbow hard cider, just repackaged and bought a case. There wasn’t a “new” on it. It’s very cloying. Please bring back the original.

    • Hi Pat. Thanks for giving it a try! We’re sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your feedback.

  91. Bring back the original to the USA. Not buying the new stuff. You guys keep waiting and you might lose customers.

    • Hi Jerry. We’re sorry you feel that way. We appreciate your loyalty to our brand, but we are not planning on bringing the previous Strongbow back.

  92. I purchased strongbow honey apple cider last year. I have not been able to find it since. Very disappointed : (
    Walmart where I lived carried it one time last summer. I have checked everywhere since. I really hope there is a chance I can get it this year???

  93. So, the new Strongbow is like New Coke – wrongheaded. Keep the new but market as such for those who actually prefer it, but bring back the original for real cider drinkers.

  94. Even if you’ve no intention of returning StrongBow to the original formula (which you clearly should) you should at least have the common decency to respond to the overwhelming number of former fans who’ve told you the truth. The fact that you only respond to the (questionably) positive mails is extremely disrespectful.

    • Hi Jose –
      Thank you for being a passionate fan of the brand and taking the time to let us know how you feel. We hear you and will let the rest of the team know your feedback!

  95. Congrats – you managed to New Coke the cider of choice for so many of us. I went from buying at least 2 cases a month to zero. Unbelievable that you wouldn’t keep the original in place and offer alternatives as well if you were so set on changing things up. Looking for a new brand.

  96. The new strongbows are awful.

    • Hi Nancy. We’re sorry to hear that and we’re sad to see you go. If you ever change your mind, we’ll be here.

  97. Noooooo don’t phase out the original!!!! First introduced to strongbow on my way to Iraq back in 2002-2003. Finally it comes out in the states and bam you steal it away from me yet again!!!!!

  98. Seriously… what were you thinking? Okay sure I get it, you want to release a sickeningly-sweet product to compete in the malt-beverage ring. I mean, if it were me I would worry that this market is already saturated and this reactionary move was too late to capitalize on what is surely a fad that passing the apogee and is headed towards a major bust phase… but what do I know? I’m sure you have some highly paid expert with a very exciting chart that shows how Redd’s and Angry Orchard are gobbling up the market share on Mike’s and Smirnoff. Innovation through imitation, right?

    But why, for the love of god, would you discontinue the dry cider?! Gamble to your heart’s content on new products, but why drop a proven one? You are not just shutting down an established sales base, you are pissing off a fan base! People were regularly buying your product, now those people hate your entire company. Heineken USA, alchemists of capitalism!

  99. bring back the old cider! please!

  100. Please bring back the original to the US market. Strongbow missed the mark by replacing their dry cider with a sweet beverage that has doubled its sugar content. I am a very disappointed customer that cannot tolerate the new ciders. They’re awful.

  101. My stash of Original Strongbow is almost depleted. How close are we to getting it here in the US again? I visited your UK site today and it appears that it is still being made but is not being distributed. Can I order some shipped direct to my house? I’ll buy it by the barrel if that’s what it takes. Please see all these comments and bring back our Strongbow. The sweeter ciders are just not the same.

  102. Just to echo everyone else’s sentiments, you ruined a great brand.

    As history demonstrates, I’m sure no one at Heineken will respond to this post. I don’t see a response to any question/comments other then “Where can I get this product?” Even those are just a generic link to another website.

    Your disregard of your consumer base is evident in the non-responsiveness shown on your website. The new flavors are full of sugar and most of Heineken’s advice is to water it down with ice to cut the bad flavor. The new flavors don’t compare at all to the recipe that kept Strongbow a brand for over a century.

    I am done with Strongbow until the original is back and will pay attention not to buy other Heineken products as well.

    If the tone of my post doesn’t go down well, try pouring it over ice.

  103. Strongbow used to be my go to cider choice. The first time I ordered it after the formula change I assumed the waitress had made a mistake and brought me a Wyders Pear cider instead. Bring back the original Dry flavor. If I wanted a sugary sweet drink I’d order a Smirnoff Ice.I went from being a loyal customer to someone who won’t ever purchase Strongbow again until the original recipe returns. A loss for both of us.

  104. Please bring back the original formulation! The new ones are horrible, over-sweet, attempts at conforming to the least common denominator. The original was amazing an nothing else on the market has been able to take its place. Please, please bring back the original as an option for people that actually know what cider is supposed to taste like!!!

  105. Spent summers during graduate school in England and was delightedly introduced to the original, the real Strongbow.
    Heineken’s pseudo – soda pop is awful!! What were you thinking? ? If you don’t know how to brew adult cider, sell it back to the Brits.

  106. I won’t buy anymore till change back to original. Ruined a perfect thing.

  107. Dear Heineken,
    Have you lost your collective minds? Don’t mess with perfection.
    Bring back original Strongbow!

  108. Very disappointing to know the original version is no where to be found. This was the BEST drink…period. I cannot tolerate the new flavors you are now offering because they are way to sweet. You definitely lost a customer.

  109. I’ll add my voice to the countless below – I had been a loyal Strongbow fan for years, but cannot stand these new varieties. I tried the new flavors but will not be buying any more. I will start loyally buying Strongbow again only if the original returns. Why not simply keep the original while offering additional options? As others have noted, this is “New Coke” all over again.

  110. Please return the original Strongbow to the U.S. market!

  111. First off, no other cider compares! The Honey Apple is by far the best cider on the market and your doing Gods work by providing to the public.

    The only disappointment, I can’t don’t Honey Apple in the can. I can find Gold Apple, no Honey Apple, where can I go to get the canned version?

    • Hi Michael —
      Right now Honey Apple is not available in cans. But stay tuned!

  112. The original is so much better…..please bring the original back ..the new formula is way to sweet miss the dry pure flavor.

  113. Another long-time Strongbow drinker who doesn’t drink Strongbow any more. Your new varieties are dreadful. Please bring back the dry!

  114. Well it’s a full year since you made your decision to pull the best drink in the USA — I would love to know your sales figures. Whatever they are they could have been higher, and still could be higher by bringing back the original as at least an option. We still live in hope!!

  115. The original strongbow was one of my favorite drinks. I don’t even mean just alcohol.

    It’s a shame they ruined it. These two new flavor don’t hold a candle to the original – they basically destroyed the product. Don’t think I’ll ever buy it again 🙁

  116. Strongbow used to be the finest cider available. Now it is not. Please return it to greatness. please stop selling these new flavours.

  117. I had some Strongbow Cider and loved it. I was in Washington,DC. I LIVE in Chambersburg,PA. Is Strongbow Cider sold there?

  118. Please bring back the original cider. I will not drink these new variations – way too sweet. I don’t understand why you had to replace it completely?? Please bring it back so I have a go-to cider again!!

  119. Please bring back the original “Dry.” I’ll buy your products again. I promise.


  120. I have stopped drink strong bow also because they have changed it. I have been soooo disappointed with the new formula and would love to see the original and best come back

  121. it was a horrible call to dry to chase the market and produce two terrible sugar filled flavors. You lost a long time customer. At least the there are some decent craft dries to replace the original strongbow.

  122. Why have you phased out the very best cider that was available? The “cider” that you are now selling is not even drinkable. It is pap. It is an insult to those of us who actually like cider. The fact that you have tried to claim that there is some complexity or depth to the flavors in these new formulations is insulting. I fail to understand why you would choose to remove a solid item (original Strongbow) in favor of the same trash that everyone else puts on the shelves in the US. Could you not see your way clear to sell the original cider and ALSO sell your sugary juice box flavors?

  123. Why? WHY have you discontinued the original recepie? The new gold apple is terrible.

  124. The new strongbow is crap. It should not possibly even carry the same name. Not sure of motivation behind this. If we wanted a cookie cutter American cider, we would be buying all the other crap manufactured here. I had finally found an adult beverage that wasn’t sweet. I had finally found a beverage that didn’t bloat me. I’m truly disappointed. Do you have recommendations of a dry cider I can move on to?

  125. I guess i am at a loss here. Are these 2 new flavors worth losing thousands of fans? I can honestly say I do not know 1 person who prefers these to the original. Why bother to change the recipe to begin with? Maybe you should listen to your audience and go back to the original. I bet you sales will skyrocket. I know i will buy Strongbow again. But i will not buy these. The market is already flooded with sugary sweet ciders. Strongbow WAS bitter and DELICIOUS.

  126. I’ve loved original (real) strongbow on its own (and especially w/ Guinness) for over a decade and it’s an absolute disgrace that it’s no longer available. I would never buy these crap abominations in a thousand lifetimes if i cant get real strongbow and you can bet i am and shall ever be quite vocal to all my peers in this regard. As I hoist what is likely to be my very last true black and blonde, cheers to the strongbow impersonators following in the footsteps of windows 8, qwikster, Google+, digg 2.0 and all the other crap arrogant corporations thought that they cough force down our throughts by killing superior alternatives!

  127. The new cider is terrible. I got hooked on the original in England. I tried others but strongbow dry was by far the best. I assumed you had introduced a new flavor and I could not believe you discontinued the original. I have switched to angry orchard dry. Congratulations on driving off a loyal customer.

  128. Bring back Strongbow Dry in the USA!!!

  129. I agree. The new stuff is terrible and way too sweet. I no longer drink strongbow. Way to ruin a good product by trying to appeal to the sugar addicted.

  130. I refuse to buy any strongbow beverage until the original/dry recipe is brought back. It was my favorite alcoholic drink out there! Had it for the first time in Austria…and now it’s just phased out? I’m not feeling very valued as a customer. New stuff is too sweet for me.

  131. Four months ago I was shopping for a beverage and saw Strongbow. I remembered how much I enjoyed it when we were visiting my inlaws and I was introduced to it. I purchased a 6-pack of “golden apple” , but was disappointed to find that this was not a taste I enjoyed. I grudgingly finished the six-pack over the coarse of 2 weeks. Never bought it again. I was watch for the original for the past 4 months and could not find it. Once afternoon I went to 4 different stores before giving up and buying something else. Today, I finally gave up and Googled it.
    R.I.P., original formula. Now that I know that you only sell this carbonated apple juice, I will stop looking. I plan to also boycott Heineken products because of this deceptive marketing of using the name on new products when the original is discontinued. Let me know if you ever come to your senses and sell the good stuff again.

  132. I concur with the majority of the comments here. The new cider does not measure up in the least to the Origional DRY Strongbow apple cider. I will now need to settle for my 2nd choice which is Magners apple cider. At least their product is available in the states. I will continue to watch to see if you all gain a clue.

  133. Does your product contain sulfites?

  134. Please bring back the original strongbow! It was the best cider out there. The new cider is way too sweet.

  135. Can we bring back the original recipe strongbow to the US? We don’t enjoy the new stuff at all; it is too sweet. I’m doing my best to be constructive on my criticism and it is very difficult because I am very disappointed that Heineken did this to the US. Please utilize the unbelievable amount of negative feedback and bring it back!

  136. Please bring back the DRY cider! The new ones are too sweet. If I had known the dry cider was going away, I would have stocked up while I was pregnant. Not a fun surprise for it to be gone when I went to it for the first time in almost a year!

  137. Bring back the original dry cider flavor, please!!!! The new flavors are too sweet. Please Heineken, bring back the original to the US. I miss my Strongbow. 🙁

  138. In the U.S. for two months. Looking forward to returning to Canada where you can get original Strongbow. New stuff is way too sweet

  139. I was first introduced to Strongbow while studying abroad in Swansea, Wales, in 2011. Upon returning stateside, I continued to enjoy Strongbow and the memories it evoked of my time abroad. Please bring the original Strongbow back to the US market!

  140. As to Gold hitting the mark … Who with??? Maybe a few curious souls trying it for the first time. Watch the sales fall in time. All sounds more like hollow pr campaign designed by someone who clearly knows nothing about Cider….. Bring back and promote the regular Strongbow. I am down to my last precious case…..

  141. Please please please being back the original. Varieties are good for some but you shouldn’t ruin a good thing.

  142. Please help me understand why the original has been phased out for the U.S. market. I can understand adding flavors to compete with the other ‘sweet’ ciders in the US but why get rid of something that people liked and enjoyed?

  143. This new recipe is sweet sweet garbage. Please bring back the old recipe. Just add it to the mix with the two new flavors. You’ll reach a wider market.

  144. I see a huge opportunity for a good, dry cider to make a killing on the US market. Your loss, brand which is no longer Strongbow.

  145. I have never been one to drink beer.I never liked the taste.My sister married a guy from England three years ago.When he came over for the wedding, he introduced me to Strongbow Dry.I had finally found a beverage to enjoy while all my friends were drinking beer.I was shocked about 6 months ago to go to my favorite store to find a new Strongbow.I bought a six pack, drank half of one and gave the rest away.PLEASE bring Strongbow Dry back to the States.Since the change,I don’t have anything to drink with my friends.

  146. I write to Heineken every six weeks or so to make the following points:
    1. They have made my life worse by removing the only decent dry cider from the US market
    2. They had a winning and unique taste that built their brand name – then they got rid of it for diabetes in a bottle (it’s New Coke all over again)
    3. They’re just some cider that I used to drink. I now buy nothing at all from Heineken.
    4. The new flavors are gross, and have nothing to distinguish them from all the other syrups on the US market.

  147. Thank you Heineken USA for turning me into a belligerent arse. From south Florida to central Ohio, nowadays, when ordering my favorite cider on tap, I find myself engaging the bartender like I’m looking for a fight. I ask twenty questions and end up getting served a pale, bubbly, sweet, syrup from the Strongbow handle. It even smells like candy. I DO NOT want that. I drink cider! Please bring back MY Strongbow – that delicious golden elixir with a dry, champagne taste that posseses the character of a REAL hard cider. Yes, I’m sure there is a market for the other, but to completely discontinue the sale of the #1 cider in the world? And to pass the new formula off to consumers as Strongbow is offensive. When I want a green apple Jolly Rancher, I will drink Strongbow Green Apple. In the meantime, bring back the original Strongbow, on tap or in a can, so I may once again have the pleasure of enjoying a pint with my friends – and they can enjoy being with me.

  148. Well it has been 9 months and loyal original Strongbow customers are still posting requesting it be brought back to the market. Surely that tells Heineken something. What I don’t understand is why the original version is still sold overseas, and not available here in the US…..I miss my cider and have joined all the others in taking my business elsewhere.

  149. Please bring back the dry Strongbow I love. Way, way, too much sugar in the new flavors.

  150. The new recipe is AWFUL. For years my wife and I have had the tradition of making the White Lion in Convent Garden our first stop when arriving in London and the last before departing. Now we both wonder what our new tradition will be. It certainly won’t be drinking the new StrongBow to start our Holiday. Very disappointing.

    • You will be able to continue your tradition; the original recipe is still available in the UK, it’s just been discontinued in the US. Enjoy!

      • WHY IS IT DISCONTINUED???? Don’t these numerous posts make any difference to you? Can we at least order it from the UK? I’ll gladly pay, to never have to taste the despicable abomination that is the US version. It’s downright insulting.

  151. Mother in law just arrived from England with four cans of original !! — just drank first one — mother in laws are great — it’s lovely — what are doing Heineken ???

  152. Where can I get the original Strongbow? Do I need to import it since you guys clearly have no idea what you are doing?

  153. where can i buy the strong bow hard cider advertized on tv?

  154. Completely agree with the other disappointed drinkers. If I want sweet I drink KoolAid. I want my Hard Cider to taste closer to what my Uncle and his brothers made in the fall during apple season.
    There are enough sweet drinks out there. Ok, add a sweet one to your product line, but why spit in the face of loyal customers. Never forget angry and unhappy customers do not buy and often stop buying other in the product line and get their friends to stop buying.

  155. Remember what happened to the “New Coke” ? Please learn from history and bring back the original Strongbow. The new stuff is just not as good, at all. Unfortunately you have lost more customers in my neck of the woods. I lost my favorite cider…

  156. I thought I was alone, until I saw these comments. The old Strongbow was the hands-down best cider on the market. They blatantly and unapologetically went “girly” with this new rubbish, almost doubling the sugar content, while reducing the bottle size. The Honey Apple is basically diabetes crammed into a tiny bottle. Undrinkable. I am hoarding 24 bottles of the old stuff and it actually makes me sad to look at them.

  157. The golden apple version is TERRIBLE. PLEASE bring back the original.

  158. Sorry I’ve tried both the Honey and Golden and must tell you I’m sadly disappointed that you just chose to pull the original and replace it with these two ,how sad
    if I wanted a sickly sweet cider would have gone with Angry Orchard or Wood chuck which I tried long ago and never will again either
    Bring back the original that most of us originally found and truly loved and enjoyed
    Why not cut one of the sickly sweet ones out and bring back the original …… Please

  159. Come on Heineken, do you think Americans are too sissy to drink a good hard cider? What’s with the change? Please distribute the original Strongbow! It’s so much better than these new sweet weaker brews. This reminds me of “new” Coke. Strongbow drinkers want to drink the real Strongbow not a brew trying to be something else.

  160. To Heineken – your lager is a welcome friend wherever I travel in the world and I’ve always been a fan of the company. That said, I am a loss regarding your business decision on Strongbow. I’ve read the comments below, but more importantly I have spoken with a large number of family, friends, and more importantly bar and restaurant owners (my family is in the industry). They are all critical of the new flavors, disappointed, and working to find something else to put on tap. You guys “owned” the dry cider market in the US. Why not keep the original formula and add a sweeter alternative? I’ve been in business for 30 years and have never seen anything like this, other than the “New Coke” fiasco.

  161. I live in Connecticut and ever since I have seen the tv adds for Strongbow I have been looking for it and cannot find it. Why has it not been introduced into CT stores?

    • I just read the comments on the Strongbow . Doesn’t sound promising. Guess I should try something else 🙁

  162. Extremely dissapointed that the original is not available. New formula is horrible. I’m onto magner’s now for my low-sugar quality affordable cider. I’ve talked to many folks here in NYC that feel the same way. There is no reason not to offer the original along with the “gold” recipes. If that ever happens, only then will I get a Strongbow again. You lost a lot of folks on this one.

  163. This new Gold Apple Strongbow is like sweet fairy pee. On top of that, the bottle is not even a full 12 ounce pour.

    I won’t be buying any Strongbow product here in the USA unless you bring the real British Strongbow back.

  164. The new Strongbow is so poorly crafted. I loved the old Strongbow. Now I make my own. Heineken you have failed many people.

  165. Please bring back your classic cider.

  166. The original Strongbow was so much better than these new flavors. Instead of following the crowd, I wish Heineken would try to do something different and bring back the original. I don’t understand why it can’t be offered along with these two other flavors. The original was one of the most unique drinks available with a loyal following that took years to create; Strongbow had a complete stranglehold on the dry cider market. Why get rid of it?

    • Couldn’t agree more. There is nothing that tastes like the old version on the market. Everything is so sweet. That was perfect.

  167. The new Strongbow is something I will NOT be drinking. Love the old recipe. The new one is sugary garbage in my opinion.
    Regards, a disappointed x Strongbow drinker!

  168. I loved the original Strongbow! My house easily went through 24 big cans a WEEK! I tried the new flavors and couldn’t make myself finish even one can. The rest of the cans I’m going to take out and use for target practice.

  169. I’m a wine drinker that would never touch beer but I love the Strongbow Hard Cider. You don’t need the old crowd if you make enough new loyal friends. I sit on my patio and drink this and think happy thoughts. It doesn’t have to make sense , just sales! 😉

  170. I am not a beer fan. I am a HUGE cider fan though. Strongbow was my first love. I live in Washington and we visit Whistler frequently during the winter. One of my favorite things about Whistler is that every restaurant and bar carries cider. You don’t find that in the states. However, it’s been a great year for cider lovers as more and more cider becomes available on tap in restaurants and in stores. I know a lot of people are jumping on the cider bandwagon. There are definitely the bandwagon ciders that are way too sweet and not a traditional recipe. This summer I was heartbroken when I heard that Strongbow removed its classic recipe and replaced it with the Gold Apple. This recipe reminds me of the bandwagon ciders out there that are trying to appeal to certain crowd, not real cider lovers. Unless Strongbow brings back its original recipe, I will never buy another bottle of Strongbow. Just last week while at a party, my friend surprised me with a can of the original Strongbow recipe that they had in their fridge from a party a year ago when I brought it. I literally FREAKED out I was so excited! It was so delicious and I tried to make it last forever. I wish I could post the picture of me with my giant smile and my can of Strongbow from that night. I think you’ve made a terrible decision to remove the original recipe from the states and I don’t understand why it would hurt to bring it back. The bandwagon cider fans will come and go and you will be left without a consumer.

  171. These two are awful. I loved the original because it wasnt sweet. I have not bought a single pack from the store because I sampled it at my local bar because they were unaware they did not have the original. No one likes these ciders. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL.

  172. The new flavors are horrible. Strongbow used to be popular but none of us like it anymore… Please for the love of God bring back the original and sack the nitwit who thought it would be a good idea to bring in these awful new drinks!

  173. Are you kidding? They totally missed the mark, this new Americanized version is horrible!

  174. I’ve read some posts from people who really like your new cider brands. I’m happy for Bulmers that their new brands have new fans. However, these seem to be be new customers, not converts. My question to Henineken is: have you seen any evidence that any of your loyal customers that loved to drink the original Strongbow have happily switched to the new brands as your taste tests would suggest?

    • I completely agree. I dont know a single person who loved the original who likes these two new flavors.

  175. really disappointed in this marketing move. won’t be consuming ANY of your products – not just the Strongbow – in the future. This is a serious wrong turn in my opinion. But what do i know, i just drink, i don’t sell.

  176. It looks like most of the comments here are negative, but I for one absolutely LOVE the Gold Apple hard cider. I’m not a beer drinker (helps that I’m gluten-intolerant), and I never acquired a taste for hard liquor in traditional forms. I’ve stuck to wine. One of my relatives brought a bunch of the Gold Apple to a family gathering, and I was hooked. I like that it’s sweet and light and refreshing. This is a huge deal for someone whose options have been limited. My only question is: are these beverages seasonal, or will they be available all year?

    • Available all year, Amy! Thanks for the love.

      • Really Heineken?? You respond to the one positive comment as opposed to the hundreds of other comments stating how much we love the original? Fantastic customer loyalty…

  177. This stuff taste awsome. I love it, not everything you drink has to taste like mule sweat. For all you complainers out there you still have plenty of expensive wine that taste like dry sand to choose from or hey you could just go have a cheap piss flavored beer. It’s obvious from all the post on here you guys complain about anything that don’t taste like Budweiser, so go get yourselves a 12 pack and head on back to your trailers and leave these fine folks alone !!

    • Glenn…

      If you had never tried the original then you have no argument. The people, myself included, who are up in arms about the change loved the original Strongbow. These two “new” flavors are nothing more than a revamped Redds. A apple wine cooler. Search out the original and then give an opinion

  178. Anyone else notice they only respond to the questions for getting the new versions, etc and nothing for so many disappointed in the change…

    • Hey there, BringItBack. We’re responding to all parties! We appreciate your note and dedication to the Original. Unfortunately we have no plans to bring it back.

  179. Please bring original strongbow back to USA. I chose it because it was a dry cider and not the overly sweet drink. The two new versions are just as bad as the generic too sweet ciders already here. I know most in USA like t he wine cooler version of beer like your competitors but can you have all three here……..

  180. This is reminiscent of the New Coke debacle. I loved the original Strongbow! Why change something that was selling so well here? I look forward to seeing that new junk on the clearance shelf at stores making room for the return of the original. In the meantime, I have to settle with a new brand that understands dry, refreshing cider (but not as well as original Strongbow).

  181. Heineken – why fix it if it ain’t broke??
    I have been a loyal customer of the original recipe for years. I absolutely despise the sickly-sweet ciders that are on the US market today, so imagine the horror when I discovered my beloved Strongbow had become a disgustingly sugary apple juice. Just like the rest of them. If I wanted that schlock I’d buy Woodchuck.
    Please, Heineken, I’m begging you – PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL RECIPE. In the meantime, I’ll have to search for cider elsewhere, but I certainly will NOT purchase the current Strongbow or any Heineken product in the meantime.

    Listen to your consumers and GET IT TOGETHER.

  182. Disappointed in the change to Strongbow. The Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cider is sadly not the same. No body, no flavor, lacking in many areas. No thanks.

  183. The new recipes are terrible, far too sweet and the calories are jacked up. Bring back the original. The bars here in Portland have largely stopped even carrying Strongbow because no one wants the new swill. Hopefully you see a sales drop off and change direction.

  184. You’ve lost a long time loyal customer. 10+ yrs. You’ve jumped on the bandwagon and completely forgotten the customers who loved and enjoyed your product. This move to ultra sweet is a total sell out. You’ve lost my business.

  185. The new cider varieties from Strongbow are far less refreshing than the original. Not all Americans want sweet….many of us have sophisticated tastes and know what good English cider can be and we prefer the drier version. I can’t afford to travel to the UK to find good cider and I will miss Strongbow. Time to admit you have made a mistake and bring back the drier version. Coke realized their mistake, now it’s your turn. I will have to turn to other ciders until Strongbow original returns!!

  186. Fell I love with Strongbow years ago in the UK. Had only been able to find it sporadically in the United States. Then when I started seeing commercials for it, I got so excited thinking I would be able to find it everywhere now. Imagine my disappointment to bring home a six pack of a weak, sugary sad mess of a “cider” that shouldn’t even carry the name Strongbow. One more example of trying to feed the American sweet tooth. The difference from other sweet ciders was EXACTLY what made it so great. I really hope that they listen to their customers and consider bringing back the product that was so loved. I will not purchase another drop of this.

  187. I miss the original recipe. I miss how dry it was. Over the years, I’ve tried several different American ciders, but none stand up to the original Strongbow. This is because they were always too sweet. I love the bite of the original recipe. That bite is gone in the new golden apple recipe. It’s about as sweet as all the other Amecian ciders.

    Why can’t you manufacture both? I used to drink Strongbow as often as I drink beer. That’s changed.

    I hope you will consider bringing back the original recipe – at least for the fall season. I’m not a pumpkin beer fan. I’ve always chosen Strongbow first. Not anymore.

  188. I am not sure if you eliminated the original and changed the recipe to this sweet nonsense to pander to what some contrived focus group told you was good cider. Or perhaps you are pandering to someone’s idea of what American women like. Let me set it straight, as an American woman I enjoyed the original. If I want the sweet stuff, there’s plenty of junk to buy. Bring back the original!

    As an aside, if you have no plans to bring back original, as you state to Jeff, why is Strongbow running commercials for the original on TV?

    • Thanks for the note, Mari. The commercials you see on TV are for Strongbow Gold Apple, not the original.

  189. New strongbow is now just another sweet cider. Will have to look for a new option to replace because the new formula is terrible.

  190. Is Strongbow Gold Apple sold in Texas? Specifically, Amarillo TX

    • The new formulas taste like every other sugar bomb cider in the market. Very unimaginative. They deprived us of the best cider on the market. I’ve moved to Stella but it is nowhere near as enjoyable.

  191. That’s 459 comments so far – and almost all of them are about how replacing the original recipe was a mistake. Consumers bought Strongbow because it was drier than most ciders available in the U.S. There are plenty of sweet ciders in the U.S. Now those consumers who previously bought Strongbow are grossly disappointed. Heinekin, are you listening?

    • We’re listening, Jeff! Appreciate all the feedback we get. Unfortunately, we have no plans to bring back the Original.

      • Then please develop some plans to bring back the original. And consider firing the knucklehead(s) who screwed up the distribution and marketing of a great product!

      • We are listening to you too. Yes we hear that “you unfortunately have no plans to bring back the Original”. — what we don’t understand is why not — please answer this — also why do YOU consider this to be “unfortunate”? — at least we agree on this, it is unfortunate indeed!!!

      • We wanted to focus the entirety of our resources behind our new products. There’s fierce competition in the category, and to make an impact, we need to be fully committed behind this strategy.

      • That’s really unfortunate you will not bring the old recipe back. It’s also unfortunate that because of the change I well not by any Heineken products at all.

      • Too bad. I have no plans to buy the sickly sweet product you are peddling then.

      • “October 28, 2014 at 12:53 pm
        We wanted to focus the entirety of our resources behind our new products. There’s fierce competition in the category, and to make an impact, we need to be fully committed behind this strategy”

        Nice to know and have proof that Heineken is all about profit and doesnt care what its customers think. “Fierce competion?” For what? More sugary sweet ciders? No thanks.

  192. Nice bottle design but that’s where it stops…
    I understand that Heineken wants to continually explore new markets with new flavors; however, removing the original brand from sale doesn’t work for me. The new flavors are dreadful – far too sweet. This has totally removed my enjoyment of Strongbow. This corporate marketing decision appears to be very detached from customer choice. Own-goal Heineken!

  193. Heineken,
    You have successfully converted me…to a Blackthorn drinker. Golden Apple and Honey…whatever the hell, are atrocious nods to US cider drinkers who thought Woodchuck was good. I have Strongbow coolers, I have Strongbow signs, I have Strongbow pint glasses that will never, ever see so much as a thimble full of this garbage.

    I told a friend when these two refrigerator tumors came out that no English person came up with them, and I’m now certain I’m right.

    Please bring back the original. New Coke didn’t work, and this isn’t either.

  194. This stuff is terrible. I’ve been drinking Strongbow for over a decade because I got a taste for it in the UK. I’ve tried both these new flavors and they’re horribly way too sweet. There are plenty of sweet hard ciders in the states already and they’re also terrible, which is why the new ciders that are doing well are dry. If you want sweet cider just pour some vodka or rum in some apple juice and call it a day.

  195. Literally the worst cider I have ever had 🙁 I was a loyal costumer drinking the real original dry cider whenever I drank. I am very disappointed that they have discontinued this drink and lost me as a costumer 🙁

  196. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL STRONGBOW to the U.S.A.!!!! too sweet, too many calories, too bad!

  197. Way too sweet. Bring back the old recipe please.

  198. I live 10 miles from the original Bulmers plant in hereford uk and always drank strongbow on nights out,i have recently returned from a trip to Tulsa where i had the pleasure of sampling the gold and honey and apple hard ciders and have been desperatley trying to source some over here in the UK but to no avail:( Please could you help me in my quest to buy this tasty product in the UK.

    • Unfortunately Gold Apple and Honey & Apple are only available in the U.S. Glad you enjoyed them though!

  199. I wonder if anyone at Heineken corporation cares they have destroyed the loyalty of thousands of customers by introducing the new sickly sweet cider that doesn’t deserve to be called strongbow? Shame, shame on you Heineken

  200. Just saw a commercial saying strongbow is the worlds number one cider. How insulting! Yes it used to be before the recipe was changed now it is too sweet. Completely undrinkable. I understand the recipe wasn’t changed in the UK where it is from why change it here? Makes me think of when coke came out with the ‘new’ coke and it was a disaster. Hopefully we will get strongbow classic!

  201. Maybe Heineken should make an IPA style beer and quit making original Heineken. I mean, IPA is currently the trendy flavor and I’m sure Heineken could sell a lot of it… Could there possibly be a better way to ruin the brand-name of Stongbow than to alienate the cider devotees that made them famous? I think not… Get with it Heineken, start making IPA and forget about the original. Don’t worry, the Heineken drinkers of the world will still love you….

  202. I will never buy Strongbow again. It was my favorite drink for several years. I loved the dry, crisp flavor. Now it is sickly sweet carp, just like the rest of the mass produced American carp. Thanks……


  204. I’ve was an avid fan of Strongbow for decades. My wife had never had it, she fell in love with it also. We went to buy some more only to find out the recipe had changed. It is too sweet! I’ll never buy it again, along with everyone else in the this forum.

  205. I don’t like the bitter taste of beer. I’m a whiskey and wine type of gal. However, I thought I’d give this a try. The bottles were all golden orange and so cute! Anyway, I love the Strongbow Honey and Apple flavor and will try Golden Apple next. It’s sweet, but not sickening, and has a little kick, not overpowering. A very nice drink and it’s gluten free, whatever that means. :-/

    • Thanks! Be sure to try it over ice!


    Here’s your new slogan……..

  207. I would love to see the sales figures for the two new varieties versus the old… I suspect both new sweeter versions are selling less than than the original dry English (original) put together. I’ve been enjoying that dry tart refreshing taste of the old ‘bow for the last 20 years. I don’t see why it needed to be re-marketed into a sugary American co-runner. As a Brit Ex Pat could ask you to at least import what I believe is still available back home?

    • Me too!!!! New folks of been buying up the old is much as they can… I had such a bad day last week I let myself have one. I only have 46 packs left!

      • Four 6 packs…

  208. I was introduced to Strongbow while studying in the United Kingdom as a college student in the late 1990s. Thrilled to find it available in the U.S. upon my return, I’ve been a loyal customer for years. But now – what have you done? This is not real British-style cider! It’s too sweet, not dry and tangy enough, and just wrong.

    I’ve switched to other brands with more traditional dry cider formulas, and will never buy these new Strongbow versions again. If you bring back the old Strongbow taste, I’ll be first in line to buy it. But never this new stuff!

  209. Hi there – is the original Strongbow still sold in Canada? As a loyal Strongbow drinker for years, the new formulas are sickeningly sweet and taste just like every other sweet American cider. Strongbow has lost it’s differentiating value, as a fruity but dry cider, and is losing the real fans who will continue to drink Strongbow, long after the cider “fad” passes. The ones who like the sweet new recipes, will move on to something new and Strongbow’s new recipes will fall out of favor – it’s a shame. Please give us the option of both the original and new flavors. 🙂

  210. I drank the original dry strongbow for years and loved it. I HATE the new gold and honey apple and will NEVER buy that sweet stuff again. Please bring back the dry original if you want my money, otherwise it’s anything but strongbow for me. Thx for reading

  211. So you took down my post… I am just saying on everyone else here is saying. We don’t like your product and we want the old one back. We want to spend our money on your old product.

    • We hear you loud and clear, Melody. Unfortunately, we’re not bringing the old liquid back at this time.

  212. The new strongbow is very disappointing. I now avoid it when I go to the store. I used to consume and special order cases for our parties. I now look elsewhere. Really sad you changed it. I tried, and retried your new flavors, and do not like. Please add back the old dry cider.

  213. I will not be buying Strongbow again until the original recipe is brought back. You have lost yet another very loyal customer.

  214. Me and my sister have always had a disagreement on which cider was better, Magners or Strongbow? She said Magners and I would say strongbow.I the orignal Strongbow I tried was amazing, but now after the release of your to new flavors, I might have to tell her she’s right. You removing your original recipe is like a rock band who makes a single that stands the test of time and doesnt play it at a show. It’s like the loss of a lead singer and keeping the same name. I have tried many ciders and I tend to like very few. I told my friends about strongbow, they started to buy it. I helped increase your sales and you take it away? Why does strongbow do so well? Because not only does it taste good, but your loyal consumers and fans tell their friends and show them and then those friends tell their friends and so on and so forth. You taking it away is basically a disgrace to every fan. Why didn’t you let those blind consumers taste the orignial first and ask which was better? Because you were afraid they wouldn’t like your other ciders and you didn’t want that. People have never really been fans of sweet drinks, Coca cola>Pepsi no brainer… Coca cola the biggest beverage company in the world admitted they were wrong when they messed up, It’s only fair you do the same. The people who were here first, the loyal customers do not deserve this.

    • Well… They aren’t listening to their customers. Everything I posted they taken down or blocked me on Facebook. I’m not the only one saying it though. I was a huge strongbow supporter like yourself. Now I drink Magner’s

  215. Disgusted by the greed that must have been behind discontinuing the original recipe and replacing it with American versions that taste like every other sugary cider. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

    • Forget quality!

  216. NOBODY likes the new recipe just read the comments!!! Its just like all the other sweet crap that is trendy right now. Your new commercials may get some newbees to try it, but ultimately it will FAIL!!!! It may be legal but it is certainly wrong to say that it’s #1 cider, because that was the old recipe! I hate the reply that your PR sent me…the message was I’m not giving it a chance…seriously we all tried it and it sucks! SUCKS! Offer the old and new if you dont want to be hated for killing such a tradition. Who else feels this way?

  217. Switched to another brand. Sweet cider is crap. Strongbow is dead.

  218. After sifting the comments, I am yet to see anyone praising the new recipes. Your blind taste tests OBVIOUSLY came from non original Strongbow fans.

    With that in mind; Please consider putting Stongbow Original Recipe on the shelves next to your two abominations you call “the new Strongbow”. This would appease the original fan base and appeal to new customers…

    For those missing Strongbow, Try Blackthorn Cider. It comes in 16.9 Oz. cans and is low carb/sugar like the old Strongbow used to be. It is the best replacement I have found in the US.

  219. I was a loyal Strongbow drinker. This summer, I couldn’t figure out why bars no longer had Strongbow on tap. I finally ordered it by the bottle and got the Gold. The new recipes are way too sweet and just like every other cider out there, which is probably why bars aren’t bothering to put it on tap. Today I switched to a new cider.

  220. I would like to complain about the change to Strongbow cider. I am a 41 year old, originally from the UK now living in Indiana.

    I was literally over the moon to find Strongbow in the USA, a real taste of home…..And then you did the unthinkable… You changed the taste.

    Not just slightly, but totally “reinvented” it to be a sugary sweet generic cider. It’s just horrible.

    Is it possible to buy proper English imported Strongbow still?

    I’m so disappointed, and know that if Bulmers changed the recipe in the UK, there’d be uproar! Especially when this “Americanized” cider is so awful.

    Thanks for your time.


  221. I have been an avid fan of Strongbow cider for decades. The new stuff is awful. Too sweet. Please bring back the original recipe. I am always for adding new brands but really? Aggrivate an entire following because you feel it is dated? Ugghh awful. Switched to Magner’s and Dry Blackthorne as did the local pubs.

  222. If you aren’t interested in making the original dry cider anymore, how much for the recipe then? Let me know

  223. I agree. The Original Strongbow was amazing. The new product is not only too sweet, but the sugars and carbs are way too high. I have switched to Crispin.

  224. Thanks for “reaching out” and destroying our favorite dry cider…. Please bring it back ASAP…..

  225. I am sad and disgusted with what has happened to Strongbow. It was the one and only cider that was truly dry and amazing tasting and you took it away. I am sure that you wanted to get in on the sweet cider market with the 5 million other sweet ciders out there but you made a huge mistake and I have to assume you will see that in your sales. You could have just added other flavors, you did not have to remove it all together. You have lost a lot of faithful customers. I no longer drink cider because no one has a dry cider that tastes good. I hope you all wake up and realize that you made a huge mistake. Bring the old strongbow back please!!!!!!

  226. I can only echo what everyone else here has said – Strongbow Gold Apple is pretty much indistinguishable from all the other sugary hard ciders out there and was an unwelcome change.

  227. I’m with the majority here on seemingly poor decision to discontinue the original Strongbow. The newer sweeter versions are simply inferior. In some of your replies to others posts you mentioned you explained everything further down the page. I am unable to find this explanation as to why the wonderful nectar we lovingly refer to as Strongbow was discontinued. Can you either repost or shoot me a message? I’m curious to know why with all this negativity towards the sweet flavors we still are unable to purchase the original. Is it not produced anymore or is it the cost of transportation is too high?

    • Thanks for reaching out, Chris! Below is the initial message we shared. The Original has been discontinued in the U.S. Bummed you’re not a fan, but understand.

      “We really appreciate all the feedback you’ve been sharing here, and most of all, we’re humbled by your loyalty and passion for Strongbow. We brought these new liquids to the U.S. following blind taste tests with loyal consumers like yourself, where the feedback was overwhelmingly positive for Gold Apple and Honey & Apple. We understand if you’ve decided not to give it a second try, but we hope you’ll reconsider. Please know that we’re reading all of your comments and appreciate your feedback.

      • The fact that these blind tasters were loyal customers of the original Strongbow is extremely hard to believe. Firstly because no one who prefers the new flavors would have been a drinker of the original Strongbow – they would have drunk the sweet ciders such as Woodchuck.

        Secondly, because I know many loyal drinkers of the original Strongbow, and not one of them is planning to ever buy the new sweeter version.

        However, I understand it will take some time and rapidly declining sales figures for you to realize the error. All I ask is when you do, please bring back the original.

      • The standard BS computer generated response !
        Don’t you understand people will NOT ‘reconsider’ trying this sugary weasel piss that you idiots are passing off as Strongbow !!!!!!

      • We get it, Dave. Bummed by your response, but totally understand. It’s not for everyone.

      • You’re obviously NOT reading the comments. Otherwise you would get a clue and bring back the original. FINE …If you want the new sugary crap keep it but Strongbow is the Original DRY Cider. So continue with it. No one likes this new crap. And seriously if you aren’t going to make it at least let someone who will have the recipe.

  228. My wife adores the original Strongbow. She fell in love with it when we took our first trip to the British Isles. The Golden Apple has completely soured those memories. It’s one thing to introduce a new line/flavor a la Cherry Coke, but Golden Apple is almost identical to New Coke. No reason for change. I have yet to meet anyone who likes Golden Apple. I enjoy the odd dry cider and this stuff is the equivalent with Woodchuck or the like. Sweet, sticky. Finishing one bottle becomes a chore.

    I respect Heineken if only because you seem to be the lone holdout against the corporate evil that is InBev. I’m not going to berate you too hard because it’s early and you still have a big chance to do things right by people who could become your diehard, loyal customers. Admit you were wrong, revert to the classic Strongbow recipe and you can begin to redeem yourself. Don’t and you’ll be the new Woodchuck, passed up for superior local ciders or Blackthorn/Magners save for of age guy buying booze for a bunch of underage kids who don’t know any better.

  229. Why Heineken? Now just another bottle of sugar. Disgusting. Not only have I lost Strongbow, I’m now concerned for Newcastle. Thanks ever so much Heineken.

  230. I liked original bc it wasn’t sweet. Anyone can order woodchuck or something similar for a sweet flavor. Not sure why this was supposed to be better! It’s disgustingly sweet and I’ll never buy it again unless original dry comes back.

  231. Along with ALL of the others, I am SO sadly disappointed in this choice to change formulas. The new stuff is horribly sweet and so I no longer need to request a Strongbow at my local establishments, I may as well just drink the Angry Orchard crap they already have. The huge selling point to Strongbow was that it was refreshingly dry & therefore unique and well worth going out of my way to encourage vendors to supply. No more. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!

  232. Really sad USA no longer carries the proper strongbow. Would it be possible to order it somehow? I’m afraid I will not partake in the new versions as they are too sweet and I like dry ciders. I used to live in England and I know if you took away the real strongbow there, they would be extremely upset. What’s wrong with making both sides of this happy? Produce both types! Let me be a strongbow fan again. 🙁

  233. WHY!!! These new ones miss the mark by a light-year.

    You devalued the Strongbow brand by making it sickly sweet crap just like everything out there. We all drank Strongbow because it is dry and awesome.
    If you want to keep the sweet ones around because some marketing people thing it is smart then whatever, but bring back the original in the USA.

  234. I guess I won’t be buying strongbow until the original is back! Trying the same greedy business strategy as Hornsby Cider with the 11.2oz bottles! So sad! I found a good replacement for now. I guess I will be giving them my $17 a week for 12X12oz bottles. That’s a fair price for my weekly loyalty! So long Strongbow USA! RIP, You were delicious while you were available!

    • I found a cider you will enjoy it’s called Blackthorn cider, it’s very close to the taste of the original Strongbow…! It’s not sweet, it has that dryer taste! Strongbow should listen, and bring back the original flavor…!

  235. Add me to the list of former customers. When you decide to bring back the original I will spend my money with you. For now I’m going to stick to the local dry cider options I fortunately have.

  236. Devastated that Heineken decided to drop the original Strongbow. There are already a number of overly-sugared ciders on the market, and I preferred my original Strongbow.
    I’ll be boycotting Heineken products from here on out and spreading the word.

  237. In addition to sharing the anger of most commenters here, I also just genuinely miss my favorite drink– the original Strongbow. Everyone has a drink of choice to relax, unwind, or kick off a night with family and friends. For me that was always Strongbow, and I sadly, legitimately, cannot drink or enjoy the new flavors.

    Please take notes from many businesses such as Netflix that made moves that their fans and customers did not like, then listened to the feedback. These businesses, such as your own, sought to give the people what they thought they wanted. When that proved to not be the case, they not only addressed the concerns and made changes, but also made themselves look that much better for listening to their loyal customers. So I believe the next logical step for you is to come up with a plan for bringing back the original flavor, seeing what’s feasible, and issuing a really excellent press release about hearing us out and caring about your customers. Then let us know! We’ll be waiting.

  238. Every time I like something they always discontinue it! Is it because you found a cheaper way to do it? I’m begging you, please bring it back! ! !

  239. Having grown up on Strongbow in my homeland of England back in the 80’s i can honestly say that this is possibly one of the worst decisions to come out of the brewing industry for many years. Why change the taste of something traditional that millions of people all over the world have enjoyed for decades just to pander to the whims of the new generation of yuppies (Now there’s a word i haven’t used in ages) who want to see cider jazzed up and brought into the 21st century. Leave the taste of Strongbow where it should be, in the 1960’s when it was invented. I for one will NOT be partaking of this sugary crap that YOU now call Strongbow cider.
    ‘Hits the mark’ ?! Utter BS !!!!!!!!!!

  240. Please bring back the original Strongbow. The two new flavors taste like every other American cider, terrible! I know the original is available in England. What happened?

  241. I’m a little bit concerned that “complexity” isn’t a word that you associate with beer.

  242. Where can I buy the original Strongbow that I know and love. I do not like these new flavors at all and am saddened to see the original missing from the shelves. Thank you!!

    • Unfortunately the Original is not available anymore. Bummed to hear you’re not a fan of the new liquid, but we hope you give it another chance!

      • NOT A FAN !!
        Not going to give it a chance !!!!
        Boycotting any and all of your products from this point forward !!!

  243. Dear Heineken, Thank you so much for screwing up the best tasting DRY cider on the planet. It now tastes like chemically sweet weasel piss. No more for me and my family and friends. And I’m so upset I’m also ditching Heineken for Amstel!

  244. Add another to the list of “Holy Crap this sucks so bad!” I was just trying to find somewhere I could order the old, dry actually refreshing cider online when I discovered they are phasing it out permanently. Gutted. There is a Facebook page dedicated to Save our Strongbow. Go. Go now. For the love of God Heineken take a hint!

  245. Bought the new Strongbow unaware of the change…add me to the list that would like the original option back in the States.

    • I made the same mistake. Bought it at the local store thinking it just had new packaging. Took it open, popped the top….. Ugh couldnt even finish it I was so bummed.

  246. I’m afraid I have to add my own complaint about discontinuing the original Strongbow. I was a huge fan of the original. I’ve tried the new flavors and don’t like them at all. Until and unless the original returns, I’ll have to settle for Woodchuck, which is a serious step down. If Strongbow wanted to put out new flavors, fine, but why discontinue the original??? Sorry, Strongbow, but your new flavors are “the new Coke.”

  247. Just want to add to the upset sentiments of all these loyal Strongbow fans; I don’t know how a product with twice the sugar of the original would resonate with customers. It seems stupid to me, but I’m not a cider-brewer. I’m not sure Heineken will be for long either. Brink back the original! Learn from the ‘new coke’ mistake!

  248. I do not understand how you could replace the world’s leading cider (and the #2 in North America) with something that is going to blend in with the rest of the sweet cider on offer in USA. From your responses below, it is clear that customer feedback is not that important to you. So for the love of your reducing cider revenue stream, demand a refund for the market research that led to this disastrous decision, swallow your corporate ego, and BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL.
    Sincerely, a 38 year customer who will never, ever, buy this horrible new brew which is destroying the Strongbow brand in USA.

  249. Never have I ever read a positive comment about the new Strongbow. Although, I remember countless people I’ve met, ran into, drank with talk about how great Strongbow Original was. Everyone knew it was the best cider. Now, it’s just a cheap Woodchuck ripoff.

    I’m sure the numbers speak for themselves.

  250. This new “Strongbow” is garbage and it’s a shame the original recipe is discontinued. The new versions have gone the way of the overly sweet Angry Orchard and with that, the sugar content per bottle has nearly TRIPLED! This leads to a gut-bomb feeling if you can muster the courage to get a few down. Heineken has alienated an already established fan base and should reconsider at least bringing back the Original Recipe to stand beside the new flavors on the shelf.

  251. I hope you have plans of bringing back the original Strongbow. It depresses me that it is not available any more and I’m obviously not alone in this. Horrible new flavor has forced me into never again buying Strongbow. Please bring back the original recipe. What was wrong with it? I hope after reading all these negative comments you guys will reconsider doing what fans of Strongbow really want. There was nothing like it! I miss my tall cans so much!!!!

  252. Please bring back the original!! You can keep the sweet stuff too, but I just want the original back. It was perfect. Until that happens, I won’t be buying Strongbow again.

  253. I DRANK strongbow because it was a true dry English cider. I HATE these two new flavors and really HATE that they no longer offer the original version. If I want sweet Americanized cider there are a million to choose from in America but so few real dry English ciders. An American dry cider just isn’t the same as an English one. I no longer purchase strongbow products. Maybe if everyone would boycott the new flavors we would get the original back.

  254. Sorry the new stuff sucks. The whole point was the original was fresh and crisp and didn’t have all the sugars that American ciders do. Lost my business! Good job following the pack and not standing out.

  255. Found this great cider at our local Price Chopper only once and have not been ableto find it again. Any suugestions as to where I canfind it? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Joel! Check out DiscoverStrongbow.com. This will help you locate the product closest to you!

      • I find it rather ridiculous that a Heineken reps. responds so quickly to the extremely rare positive commentsq about this new horrid Strongbow that has replaced the classic English dry cider that was a classic and perfection the way it was…. They fail to acknowledge all of us longtime Strongbow drinkers that want out favorite cider returned to the market instead of seeing this foul swill they slapped the name Strongbow on littering the shelves of stores.

        Once again Heineken the market is already flooded with sweet ciders for unrefined palettes and wine cooler drinkers to purchase. We want our cider back. Since it is obvious you are reading these posts address the real issue at hand, the abuse of the name Strongbow and the disappearance of the real deal that had pleased and delighted true lovers of cider for 52 years.

      • Thanks for reaching out, Julie. We’re reading everything you’re posting here. Unfortunately our response isn’t much different than what we’ve already posted. We’re bummed you don’t enjoy the new flavor, but we understand.

      • Only you know the real success of your changed product line up. We on this site overwhelmingly are appalled and angry with your decision to drop what we consider a great product. We could be wrong, if the issolated fans of your new brews that you so faithfully recognize, applaud and thank are in fact the majority then tell us — then we can move on and abandon the hope that the next time we look at this site we will see an announcement that the original is to be brought back. Please bring back the original or be honest with us that you will not!!!!

      • Thanks for the note, Colin. We’ve been pretty clear about our position so far; we have no plans to bring the Original back at this time. We appreciate your feedback, along with all the other loyal Original fans. If something changes, you’ll be the first to know!

  256. REALLY unhappy with the decision to no longer offer the original Strongbow. I, along with 2 other Strongbow drinkers, tried the new stuff and we couldn’t even finish it. If you wanted to bring new flavors, fine, but why stop selling the original? The original dry cider was so much better and was really distinct from other ciders out there. Please bring back England’s Dry Cider!!!!

  257. Please bring back the original recipe. We will not be buying the new sweet flavors either.

    Maybe we should start a Facebook page to get Heineken’s attention and convince them to bring back the traditional Srrongbow recipe!

  258. The original recipe was as sublime as the new flavors are nauseatingly cloying. Frankly, anytime an alcoholic beverage maker sweetens their product to this degree, I begin to suspect they may be pandering to a market demographic they have no business catering to.

  259. Sorry guys, I have to disagree. I loved the original and this is just too syrupy and frankly artificial tasting. I’ve moved on to other brews. You lost my business.

  260. Haha I’m gonna post like Heineken, thanks Dan for saying our new products sucks! Nah but seriously, I have tried the new golden one and gotta say…I wouldn’t pour it on myself if I was on fire, great move guys 😉

  261. Bad move. I’ve been a Strongbow drinker for eleven years and found the dry taste and tartness superior to other ciders. It was the ONLY cider for me. The new Strongbow is just more of the same. There is nothing unique about it and Heineken has lost my business until the original recipe returns. I’ll be avoiding their products and will be suggesting to all my friends to do the same.

  262. I was about to buy some Strongbow to take on a whitewater river trip, since it seems to be one of the few brands available in cans. But now I’ve been warned off; I don’t like sweet ciders either. I guess it will have to be Angry Orchard.

  263. As a Brit living in the US for 25 years, am extremely disappointed that you have discontinued the original cider. Won’t be purchasing the new line and won’t be recommending it to any friends.

  264. REALLY unhappy with the removal of the original Strongbow Cider. I am currently shopping around for another. Will not purchase the new flavors. BAH.

  265. Why did the original dry have to phased out in order to introduce these new flavors?

  266. Just purchased the golden Strongbow, I love it. Wish I could buy it in a keg.

    • Thanks, Lisa!

  267. Please bring back the original. The new may be okay for those who like overly sweet cider, but for me, it’s undrinkable. I will be buying another brand before I pick up another bottle of the Strongbow Gold or Honey

  268. I have tried both of the new cider flavours,and dislike them both. I have been drinking Strongbow for years and do not understand why a change was necessary at all. It is fine to come out with new variations of cider, but the original recipe should have been left alone. Let’s all hope it winds up like Coke and the will of the people is heard.

  269. The new flavor sucks beyond belief. I’d rather drink pond water.

  270. This is not strongbow. This is an insult to the people who up until this point enjoyed the brand. This was the last time I purchase a Heineken product until they bring back original strongbow. Might have to thank you though, this lack of good strongbow has shown me many of the smaller competitors offerings.

  271. We loved and were loyal regular purchasers of the original English Strongbow. We dislike the two new flavors, which are far too sweet. There is nothing else like the original Strongbow in the US market. Please, please, please bring it back!!!!

  272. Both flavors of this new “Strongbow” cider are terrible, and a complete betrayal of the brand. I hope to see the original come back.

  273. I preferred the original Strongbow, and so did my customers at the bar I manage. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing any of the new flavors for myself or through Coastal Beverages for my establishment. It was delicious while it lasted.

  274. I have loved strongbow for years! This new stuff is far too sweet. I really hope the original stuff comes back. For now–I’m off strongbow and looking for something new.

  275. Totally missed the mark with the new flavors. The original recipe is by far the best cider on the UK or US market, Please listen to your lost customers and bring it back> the new recipes are too sickly sweet with none of the refreshing bite of the original. I actually gave away 4 of the six bottles of both flavors I tried, they were terrible.
    I would purchase a case (yes a case minimum) per week of the original. I would rather make my own than drink either of the new recipes. Looking down the comments here I cannot find one positive comment for the new flavors. when will Heineken usa wake up !!!

  276. Tasted the new Strongbow Gold today and it is awful. I for one will not be buying any more.

  277. I do like the taste of the new Strongbow but SO BADLY miss the old one. Why not just add a new flavor instead of tjat the original away? Plus, it’s a smaller can and higher in calories. Not a fan! Bring the original back!!

  278. I liked the original. I LOVE the Honey & Apple. My favorite liquor store didn’t carry any Strongbow at all until I asked him to please look into the Honey – now he’s selling both that and Gold Apple, and they’re both almost sold out every time I go in there. I love knowing that I’ve helped introduce this tasty goodness to others, but most of all I love having something so fantastic in easy reach. Honey & Apple, you’re the one for me!

    • Glad you like it, Justine!

      • Just like your Facebook page you find the lone positive comment and respond to it while ignoring the wall of negative ones. I’m very disappointed in both the new flavors and your treatment of your customers.

      • Sorry to hear that, Stewart. And we hate to hear that you think we’re ignoring you. We shared a response, which addresses nearly every complaint, further down in the chain. Rest assured, your feedback is not going unnoticed!

  279. Just to add to the masses the original recipe was an excellent dry cider whit a fantastic taste. If I wanted overly sweet cider I would have been buying woefully terrible woodchuck for the past 10+ years. The new flavors are not what I looked for in Strongbow and they just adding to the chorus of overly sweet cider that is already out there saturating the market.

  280. Please bring back the original recipe. The new flavors are disappointing and I will not be purchasing anymore until the original is brought back.

  281. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL STRONGBOW. While I appreciate and applaud your creativity and dedication to innovation you didn’t need to phase out the classic formula! At least bring it back for a limited edition run so I can stock up on cases.

  282. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the ORIGINAL Strongbow!!!! I was more than disappointed when it was changed. I always looked forward to having a nice cold pint after work and that joy was gone the day the NEW Strongbow came out. It was perfect the way it was and I beg you to bring it back! Myself and many others refuse to be customers until the ORIGINAL comes back.

  283. Bring back the original! The new “Strongbow” is too sweet. Strongbow is supposed to be a dry English cider… I can get this taste from Hornsbys. Boo! Strongbow used to remind me of my times in England. I’m still searching for an alternative. You have definitely lost me as a customer.

  284. You left a small market (dry English ciders) where Strongbow was a recognized, reliable name and a go-to for beer lovers who are looking for a change or cider lovers who don’t want a pint of pure sugar and went to an over saturated and over sweetened market of American ciders where you will be fighting an uphill battle to get market share due to the premium Americans have to pay for an import and the fact that is been years of a dry Strongbow.

    Sell this muck as an alternative if you must, but bring back the original. Until that time, add me to the list of customers that will be looking to a competitor for a proper cider.

  285. Please bring back previous formula Strongbow Cider in cans.
    Got new gold apple cider in bottle was very disappointed! To sweet!
    Taste like other lame American over sweetend ciders. Nasty aftertaste.
    So bring back the original Strongbow in the can.
    Roy Harrisp

  286. The original Strongbow recipe was so much better than other ciders. I also do not like the new recipe at all. It is not good.

  287. Add one more vote to bring back the original. The new flavors are terrible. Now I have to find a new drink of choice.

  288. Cider for people who remember Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers, but wish they could have been a bit sweeter. Too bad, I bought a lot of the original strongbow.

  289. These new ciders are horrible! Much prefer the dry, original version of Strongbow. You’ve lost a customer until you bring back the better tasting, less sweet version!

  290. FWIW, since Strongbow was discontinued, I tried the following ciders that have been mentioned on this thread (thanks, everybody!), and out of them, I’ve settled on Crispin Browns Lane. It’s not exactly the same but it’s close.

    Stella Artois Cidre
    Crispin Original Cider
    Magners Hard Cider
    Smith & Forge Hard Cider
    Crispin Browns Lane

  291. Bring back the old Strongbow! It was one of the only widely available, dry ciders. The new flavors are so bad and way too sweet. Even just releasing the old one as ‘the original’. Major American breweries that started making syrupy sweet ciders ruined cider for everyone.

  292. Unbelievable. All I ever bought was the original strongbow. The two new flavors are nasty. Way too sweet like all the other crap. Started buying Austin East Ciders in Texas. Not as good as the original strongbow, but will have to do. When in a bind, I go for mangers, or crispin dry. Hopefully heinekins pride won’t be too big, and they’ll realize they’re mistake and bring back the original. My wife and I both think the new ones suck, so I can imagine most people do.

  293. I’m glad there’s a place where I can be added to the list of people who are disappointed that the original Strongbow is no longer available in the US. Hopefully someone in a position to take action will see the overwhelming preference for the original flavor. Coca-Cola was able to recover from “New Coke.” Hopefully Heineken will also correct course before they lose too many loyal drinkers.

  294. I’m sorry but I have to agree with the majority (everyone?). The new Strongblow is awful. Please take a lesson from Coke, admit your mistake and bring back the original receipt before you lose your entire customer base.

  295. The new flavors are just horrible. I am so disappointed and greatly saddened by the discontinuing of the Original Strongbow. Please bring back the old Strongbow.

  296. Certainly not hitting the mark
    The Golden Apple is nasty stuff, the Honey slightly more palatable, but thats me out of the Strongbow game after over 30 years here and back home in the UK

    Spoke with the manager of a Bev Mo here in California last week, said there is talk of them dropping Strongbow all together due to the low sales compared to the original ‘bow. Stella Cidre for me now!!!

  297. It’s HIDEOUS. Just hideous. I can’t believe how stupid Heineken is. The Gold Apple was so nasty, there’s no way I’ll try the other. Angry Orchard Traditional Dry and Samuel Smith’s Organic are going to get all of my business now. I’m thinking that someone smart will just start importing the actual English version, and maybe I can find that. Seriously, it’s New Coke all over again. What a pack of idiots you are.

  298. I do not like the new Strongbow. Too sweet. I really liked the tart taste of the original.

  299. You did not hit the mark with these 2 sickly sweet replacements – you weren’t even in the same zip code or hemisphere! Until you bring back your original Strongbow, consider me a Magners fan.

  300. Please bring back the original Strongbow. I was a loyal buyer of it because there was nothing else in the cider world here in America like it. I want and severely miss my “England’s traditional dry cider.” Nothing will ever replace it. I’m seeking out and trying to find something close, but I certainly won’t be buying the new Strongbow formulation. I’d sooner drink Angry Orchard. Please, bring it back, and all will be forgiven. You’ll get my business again instantly.

  301. I have an idea. Since you are tying so hard to be like Angry Orchard, Woodchuck, Redds etc. Why not have multiple flavors on the market? Let’s say the ORIGINAL flavor for the long time customer base and the rest for the bandwagon people that want just another sweet drink.

  302. Who would ever think of retiring the original Strongbow cider for this mediocre replacement? Bring the original back. Please! I have tried both Gold and Honey and find them both disgusting; haven’t come across any fans of them either. Truly a disappointment and would never be accepted if you tried this in the U.K. Please feel free to donate any remaining Strongbow original cases to me; I will gladly take them off your hands.

  303. I’m quite disappointed with your decision to stop production of the original version of Strongbow. I sought out establishments that sold it. The Party Source employee that told me about it wasn’t happy either. He told me the new stuff was too sweet like most other ciders and directed me to Crispin Browns Lane which turned out to be quite good.

  304. Complexity of wine? You MUST be joking. The only thing the consumer detects when drinking your new flavors is an cloyingly sweet taste.

    You have managed to do what I never thought possible, ruin my favorite adult beverage. I 100% believe that companies must try new things out, but in this case your experiment has failed.

    Please, give me back my ‘bow!!!

  305. The new flavors are absolutely horrible!!! I’ve tried the golden apple and it is entirely too sweet just like every other cider out there. I find it amusing that all these people are commenting on how bad the new flavors are but Heineken keeps insisting consumers love it. Where are all if their positive comments?? BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL STRONGBOW!!!

  306. Bring back the original…! The new flavor is too sweet! I’m very SAD…!

  307. Very disappointed in the changes to Strongbow. Please bring back the original formulation. Until that happens, I will seek out alternatives that are more like the classic dry English cider that I used to enjoy with Strongbow.

  308. How much more of a beating do these new flavors need to take from your consumers before it sinks in that the original needs to come back?

  309. My local Publix where I bought my Strongbow already stopped carrying the honey flavored lackluster replacement. They still have the gold apple, but no one is buying it, which is evident by all the other ciders with missing cases around it.

    Please listen to your fans. Acknowledge this horrible horrible mistake. Let us know when you will be bringing back the original formula. I’m sure you have to go back to Strongbow and work out some deal cause you only got the rights to the name or something, but do it. This has been a disaster.

  310. I have been a huge fan of Strongbow for years and it was a beautiful oasis in a land of over sugar new ciders out there (see Woodpecker and Angry Orchard). I understand making these two new ciders to compete in that market, but why oh why would you discontinue the original!!! I bought the new golden once just to try it out and I can sadly say I will never be purchasing Strongbow again unless the original is brought back. I am horrifically disappointed by the fact that Heineken has chosen to discontinue a 50+ year old product that was loved by so many. My day has been ruined by this discovery.

  311. So disappointed the original has been discontinued. It was a standout among all the other ciders out there. Not all of us want the super sweet sickly apple drinks. Plus now I have to revoke my recommendation to those who haven’t yet had cider to try Strongbow. And now try to find a craft cider that doesn’t think it has to be koolaid. So long, Strongbow.

  312. Dear Heineken USA,

    Your decision to remove the classic original dry English cider formerly marketed as Strongbow should result in the immediate dismissal of whatever group of imbeciles decided on this course of action. Not only am I boycotting the new cider, I am boycotting ANY brands marketing by Heineken USA including: Heineken, Dos Equis, Tecate, New Castle, Amstel, Sol, Indio, Carta Blanca, and Bohemia and encouraging my friends to do the same. Shame on you Heineken USA for destroying one of the true classic beverages of the world in the American market. Shame on you.

  313. This new Strongbow is awful, it taste like every other sugary, appley (yes I know that’s not a real word) new age cider out there. Save the woodchucks and the angry orchards for the girls that “hate the taste of beer”. I understand adding a new recipe to better compete in the growing psuedo cider market, but was it really necessary to alienate the fans of the original recipe by discontinuing it? I feel you may have lost many buyers with that move, with no guarantee that your new cider will be able to compete well in a market already becoming flooded with sweet ciders. Very sad to hear that I can’t buy the old stuff that we loved.

  314. I am beyond disappointed to hear that the original Strongbow recipe has been discontinued. I will not buy the Gold Apple variety. It is FAR too sweet. It is in no way refreshing or crisp. It is essentially a hopped-up carbonated apple juice-flavored wine cooler. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!!!

  315. Disgusting, I’d rather drink Woodpecker!!!
    There’s an old adage which says “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” well you ought to take that advice.

  316. The new stuff is awful. Bring back the old. Another loyal customer gone, and I mean loyal as I would load my truck with as much as I could find when I drove the 200 miles to Mpls twice a year.

  317. As a transplanted Englishman in Michigan, I used to really enjoy Strongbow, especially in the summer. I saw the new bottles and just thought it was new labeling, but after tasting the new cider I can only agree with the majority of the comments that it is very disappointing. What ‘s the deal, if I wanted a sweet cider I’d buy Woodpecker!!!
    Please reconsider this decision or you’ll lose a loyal customer.

  318. Why would you change it? It was the best cider on the market. The new flavors will just blend in with every other American gut-rot sugary excuse for a cider already on the market. It WAS the perfect drink on a hot summer day, before some marketing genius decided to ruin it. Hopefully people in the UK don’t have to deal with this travesty. Bring back the original.

  319. Bring back the old Strongbow! Ann, below put it well, can’t stand the new candy drink. I loved Strongbow, drank it, requested it and sought it out. Bring it back as classic Strongbow.

  320. I was in London last week and was drinking the original Strongbow. I love it because it is not sickningly sweet like other ciders here in the US. The day after getting off the plane I went into my grocery store and to my surprise there was new strongbow. The honey and apple. I purchased it and it is terrible. TOOOO sweet! Terrible. Wish I could return it. So I am logging on to find stores in the US to purchase the traditional dry Strongbow I enjoyed so much in Europe for the last 3 weeks…. I will be heart broken if it is not available. All other ciders I have tried are way too sweet!!!!

  321. EPIC FAIL…….now your cider is just like every other cider out there…..

  322. We went to one of our favorite restaurants recently, the first thing we do is order a Strongbow- when the waitress told us that they don’t make the original anymore- I thought she was joking. Why would you change something that has such a strong customer base…..I loved Strongbow because it did not taste like apple juice with booze in it! PLEASE go back to the original recipe!

  323. I simply can’t imagine why you would discontinue the traditional dry Strongbow. With all the garbage sweet ciders flooding the American market, I could always count on Strongbow not to be disgusting. I’ve been a loyal, passionate customer since I first tasted it 10 years ago in Cambridge, and I spent many hours hunting it down before it was widely available in the states. I won’t drink the new flavors. I tried, I did, but they’re just as bad as the other terrible ciders already on the market. This is heartbreaking, seriously. I can’t believe anyone ever approved this decision. Total insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree and had a similar intro to Strongbow. The first time I had Strongbow was my first trip to England in a pub in Stratford-upon-Avon, and I fell in Love!! Upon returning to the US I have continually sought out my favorite beverage, Strongbow. I am shocked that the original formula has been removed. Strongbow was a truly unique cider, it’s dry, clean, tart apple taste was so refreshing and brought my thoughts back to the first time I drank it in 1998… There is plenty of over sugared crap cider on the market, bring back our original Strongbow, England’s Cider. If you want to keep the new junk on the market for fans of wine coolers and strawberry daiquiris, whatever… But Strongbow was a cider for people with a more mature palate, the same people who appreciate a nice dry red wine. Strongbow’s formula should never be changed! Bring back our cider.

  324. I first tasted Strongbow while on a cruise. I was enamored at how crisp and refreshing it was on a hot day; not too sweet. I was only able to find it at few places at home. Today I spotted the Strongbow Gold Apple at the local grocer, and just thought it was new packaging. Wrong. Gone was the dry, refreshing cider that I was so fond of. It was sugary sweet; not refreshing at all. I needed a drink of water to cut the sweetness. Please bring back the old recipe.

  325. Bring back the origional!!! I have been drinking strongbow for years and now you have taken away my favorite thing. The new flavors are crap. Way too sweet and syrupy. I have one can remaining of my favorite thing of all time and now it has become like the holy grail instead of my go-to beverage. bRING IT BACK!!!!

  326. The new Strongbow flavors that have been showing up in American markets are the WORST flavors imaginable. They taste like tap water and corn syrup. Bring back the original!

  327. Probably Bulmer’s in the UK will not allow them to make original flavor in the USA, so to make something like a mere 10 cents more a bottle, they decided to stop importing from the UK and make and bottle their own flavors in the USA. Penny wise per bottle, pound foolish per loss of the over all sales. My best guess/hypothesis.

  328. I think your new flavors will go over as well as New Coke did. Why not change the flavor of Guiness too while your at it? I am sure the original Strongbow still exists in the UK and this is some distribution issue and thus merely business lie/ploy.

  329. I have been drinking Strongbow for over 30 years and these new flavors are disgusting! They taste exactly like American cider. I have been searching everywhere for the original to no avail. I can’t believe it’s being discontinued. I used to drink a can every night and would buy it by the case load, as do a lot of folks around here. If they are making this decision based on 2013 sales, for several months last year we couldn’t buy it because of issues with the distributor. This is a very bad decision by Heineken and folks are right if you used 20 year old males for your taste testers you probably did get a good response, the rest of us older folks like the dry taste and less sugar!!!!

  330. Yet another loyal, longtime customer who you have lost by killing off the original recipe. Whoever made that decision should be fired.

    I don’t believe for one second that you actually ‘blind taste-tested’ these new products with REAL Strongbow fans, and received a positive reaction large enough to warrant removing the flagship product. As evident by the number of people willing to come onto this page and leave comments, you have clearly missed the mark. It is “New Coke” all over again.

    If you want to market and cater to the ‘cool kids’ with sugary crap, go right ahead. But the reason I (and everyone else on these comments) USED TO BE Strongbow drinkers was precisely because the original DRY recipe did not taste like a Jolly Rancher. It’s telling that your marketing campaign focuses a lot on drinking it ‘on-ice’ — you’re essentially admitting the overly-sweet new products need to be watered down.

    Your decision to remove the original product has removed any affinity I had for the Strongbow brand, and has simply turned me off of ALL Heineken products. My $$$ will go to other brands and products.

  331. I discovered Strongbow while visiting Scotland for my 40th birthday. After 19 years, I had finally found my drink of choice. Strongbow is the perfect combination. It has an initial sweetness followed by a dry finish. I cannot believe Heineken sold out to be more like Red’s Apple Ale and Angry Orchard. If I wanted to ingest syrup, I would eat pancakes. The new recipes are just way too sweet! Leave Red’s and Angry Apple to the youngsters and bring the original Strongbow back to the dedicated veteran sophicates of cider. There is a reason Strongbow was the #1 cider in the world and I stress, was. I will no longer buy Strongbow unless the original recipe resurfaces. Please bring it back!

  332. Did you people learn NOTHING from the New Coke disaster? The original needs to be brought back to the Pubs in America!

  333. Strongbow drinkers drank Strongbow (the original) for a reason and that reason was because it was not sweet. I don’t understand why the delicious original recipe needed to be abandoned. Couldn’t these new sweet ciders be introduced alongside the original? I guess I will blame the sugar tooth American palate. Sorry Strongbow, I have abandoned ship. I cannot stand the taste of the new cider. Strongbow used to be the only thing I drank because I loved it and dry ciders are difficult to come by. Please bring it back!

  334. Glad I’m one of many to say your new formula is too sweet.

    I was disappointed in the cloyingly sweet new recipe you sell. Key tip for me in ciders to avoid is whether I see them in a local store by me. They will not carry ciders with high fructose corn syrup or nitrates.

    Your cider WAS the standard quality cider I would share with people. They loved it for that crisp flavor.

    You’ve permanently lost me as a customer.

  335. Both new ones suck, please bring back the original ASAP

    Thank you

  336. One more horrified FORMER Strongbow lover. Nothing new to add to the comments here, except to say I was so glad to see how many others had the same reaction I did, and are speaking out about it. Discovered Strongbow on a trip to England and Scotland in 1998, and it has been “my” cider ever since. To me, the sicky-sweet US stuff doesn’t deserve to be called cider. I had still been able to get the original at a local store (guess they had plenty in stock) and did not realize this horrible change had occurred, until a recent visit to a local pub. Sent the awful stuff back and argued with the server that it couldn’t be Strongbow! Then found what had happened when I went to buy it at my store and the only thing available was now these 2 new awful flavors (and have you read the list of ingredients?! YUK!). Please bring back the real Strongbow!

  337. Just adding to the outcry of great disappointment in your misguided decision to discontinue the original recipe. I will no longer purchase any of your products until you reintroduce the quality cider which you have regrettably abandoned.

  338. Been drinking strongbow for over 10 years, and the new American recipe is terrible. Twice the sugar and waaaay to sweet. There’s already a ton of super sweat ciders in the market, Strongbow WAS one of the few good dry ciders out there. Going to switch to Stellas new cider till you guys bring back the old recipe.

  339. The new flavors are awful! Please bring back the original Strongbow!!

  340. I’m dissatisfied with the new brews and very disappointed that the original is no longer available. I won’t be buying any more of these products. If I wanted a sweeter cider I have plenty of options that are at a lower price point and American made. You can keep the “Golden Hour”.

  341. Not sure what you were thinking when you discontinued the old Strongbow. 10 yr customer here. You have lost me as a consumer until you bring back the old recipe. I will boycott all Heineken products until that day.

  342. Heineken, in case you missed it, the words used to describe your “new” Strongbow flavors include: CRAP, DISGUSTING, MISERABLE, HORRID, SICKENING! Your loyal customer base is SADDENED and DISAPPOINTED that the true Strongbow has gone.
    We count ourselves amongst those loyal fans of the perfect “original” true British Strongbow who feel the same way as all your other, previously loyal, fans.
    PLEASE, PLEASE listen to us all and bring original Strongbow back on the market!

  343. I’ll add to the chorus of disappointed Strongbow fans. The market for sweet ciders is already saturated. Strongbow was the only palatable version available in the US. Maybe a little better marketing “a cider for sophisticated palates” would have been a better choice than pandering to an over saturated market. Now the search begins for an acceptable alternative.

  344. Wow…what a disappointment. Way too sweet. Echo everyone else’s comments. Won’t buy Strongbow anymore (unless can locate original which I’m making every attempt to do.) Used to be that I’d be excited if a restaurant carried Strongbow…now that more do, it’s so sad that it’s this new, sweet LOUSY drink.

  345. Another FORMER Strongbow drinker here. I tried the new Gold Apple and was very disappointed at how sweet it is. Adding a new product to a successful line is one thing, but eliminating the flagship item and replacing it with sugary Woodchuck copycat is another. I have been a cider drinker for over 25 years. It has been exciting to see new ciders come on the market in the US, but very discouraging to realize that most of them are awful, sugary things, similar to the wine coolers of the 80s. Oh, well, back to Stella Artois and Magners, I guess.

  346. I am late to the party on discovering this absolutely TERRIBLE new strongbow, I hesitate to even call it strongbow so far it is from the original and sickeningly sweet, because I usually have CASES in my house. When we ran out, I went to go stock up again. The labeling makes you think this is just an additional (albeit disgusting) flavor choice and ‘Strongbow’ would still exist. I am NEVER EVER drinking this swill again. Will have to get my distributor to start bringing in Weston’s Stowford Press, definitely harder to find in the States but will be worth any price mark up to have a proper dry English Cider.

  347. RE: New formula

    I went to a pub last night and was looking forward to a classic English cider. What I received was anything but that. The taste was so different that I had to ask the server why it tasted so strange. She then told me that you had changed the formula. BRING BACK THE OLD ONE!!! This new formula is too sweet and too light. It may appeal to women who are fond of wine coolers, but it does not appeal to those who want a hearty cider with body and flavor.


  348. I discovered Strongbow cider at a pub in England many years ago, and have enjoyed it in the states for several years. I am disappointed that the original Strongbow is no longer available. I will be trying some of the other brands of dry cider listed in this thread. I won’t be buying the new Strongbow in the future. It’s far too sweet.

  349. Please bring back the original Strongbow! It was my favorite beverage, wonderfully flavorful, and I was always super excited to find a new place that served it.

    Things aren’t the same without dry Strongbow. 🙁

  350. I too am incredibly disappointed by this move. I was a faithful customer for years and now I’ve had to turn away because you no longer sell it. What an awful business move. Does Coke or Pepsi discontinue their original flavor to satisfy a desire to expand?! NO! They add it to the lineup! I am gravely disappointed. Please bring back the original. You’re losing loyal customers.

  351. Gold Apple is NOT GOOD! Bring back the ORIGINAL recipe. My favorite attributes of the original were it’s dryness and lightly sweet taste. Gold Apple tastes like a syrupy mess. Woodchuck has already filled that spot and I would rather drink a Miller High Life (which is way below my Coloradan Beer Snob standards) than a Woodchuck. Now it’s going to be the case with Gold Apple as well. I’ll get through this 4 pack, but I won’t be purchasing it ever again.

  352. We are so disappointed that the original strong bow coders are no longer being produced! They were perfect, refreshing, not too sweet or dry. They were low cal, low carb & low sugar. Now we are going to Magners, Crispin & a new one to try. So bummed.

  353. Awful. Strongbow was my drink of choice and promoted every chance I had. No more. This new drink is awful and have already told many of my friends to stay away. I have changed to Stella. Nice work Heinekin.

  354. Why can’t I find Strongbow original in the 500ml cans anymore? That was my go-to drink when I wasn’t feeling in the mood for beer. The Strongbow Gold or whatever it is called is way too sweet. I guess I’ll have to find another cider that isn’t loaded with sugar. You could make this easier for me and just continue to sell the original cider that I have been drinking for years.

    • Hey everyone… We really appreciate all the feedback you’ve been sharing here, and most of all, we’re humbled by your loyalty and passion for Strongbow. We brought these new liquids to the U.S. following blind taste tests with loyal consumers like yourself, where the feedback was overwhelmingly positive for Gold Apple and Honey & Apple. We understand if you’ve decided not to give it a second try, but we hope you’ll reconsider. Please know that we’re reading all of your comments and appreciate your feedback.

      • Well you’ve missed a slew of people for your taste test apparently, as you can see here in the comments section. Do us a favor and give the people what they want. We’re not asking something outrageous, just a chance to become loyal customers again.

      • How about you reconsider? Where are you blind fanbois’ now?

        Everyone in this thread were giving you money for your product because they liked what they were drinking. Now their not.

        I suggest you read the following linked WIKI article about forcing change on your customer base.


      • I have a hard time believing that the loyal Strongbow drinkers you speak of would choose this new recipe over the original. Overwhelming positive? I have been drinking Strongbow for over ten years and I would call myself a loyal and passionate customer, my response to this new flavor is overwhelming negative! You lost a customer.

      • I plan to return the 5 bottles in my 6 pack to the store. I do think others should not torture themselves drinking this new syrup…. I am so disappointed I can not get the good strongbow I was drinking last week in the UK. Why compete with the US brands when you had a good product?

      • No, I will not reconsider – I do not like the new flavors and I will buy other brands instead. It is YOU, Strongbow/Heineken who should reconsider and give us back the original product. That’s what we want.

      • I’ve been drinking strongbow for over 15 years. I’ve had it in bars. In restaurants. In bottles. In cans. On draft. In snakebites. And I know a number of loyal drinkers.

        Not a single consumer of your old product I’ve talked to, either in person, or online, likes this sweet stuff. I understand adding new products, there is a market for sweet ciders. But why eliminate an original classic product?

        If this is actually a planned move, with marketing to “bring back the original”, I hope it bites you in the behind. I’m becoming quite found of a few other beverages. You will reap what you have sown.

  355. HITS THE MARK ? REALLY ??? The new “Strongbow” is nothing like a cider. We lived in England for about 9 years, and I really enjoyed my “half a cider” at the pub and after we returned I was pretty pleased to find Strongbow locally. What you are trying to fob off as a cider in the new strongbow recipe will not be ordered or purchased by me. I used to purchase Strongbow both in bottles and cans and always had an ample supply on the shelf. Now I will vote with my feet — I will neither order nor purchase your product, and I will not purchase any Heineken USA product. I am sorry to see Strongbow go. It will be interesting to watch how you handle all this negative customer feedback.

  356. You have made a disappointing decision. Already the ‘new’ strongbow (which is sickly and just plain awful) is sitting on the shelves of my nearby supermarkets whereas before it would be wiped out by Thursday of every week. There already were plenty of sweet, horrible ciders out there to placate the palates of the masses. I was just beginning to revel in the fact I could GET strongbow without as much effort as it used to take. Bad decision – give us back our original.

  357. Ciders are becoming more popular because people are becoming more health conscious. Everybody I know that drank original strongbow did so because it was the best tasting low carb/sugar cider. Now we won’t touch your new flavors with a 10 foot pole because of the high carb/sugar content. How can I buy the rights to your original recipe?

  358. Please don’t phase out the original cider. I have never been able to find a different cider that I enjoy as much as the original Strongbow. I will be so disappointed if I am unable to get the original. I have tried the two new Strongbow flavors and I feel that they do not represent the brand that I have come to appreciate for their ability to produce something dry and totally drinkable. As mentioned below we consumers already have so many options for so-sweet-your-teeth-itch ciders that a company with a winning recipe shouldn’t give it up to become the competition.

  359. Where can i buy the new strongbow apple cider in the Tyler Tx. I have had a six pack and the store where i got it does not have any.

  360. I can understand trying to expand your market with different variations on Strongbow, but I don’t understand why you’d discontinue the original. Strongbow was enough of a personal favorite that it was becoming the only alcoholic beverage I’d consume — if the bar didn’t serve Strongbow, I wouldn’t get anything. It was PERFECT, freakishly so, in fact – not too sweet or tart or acidic. Admittedly speaking as someone who no longer drinks non-diet soft drinks, I find the new Strongbow variants to be undrinkably sweet.

    “New, sweeter Coke” while discontinuing “old Coke” was a bad idea a quarter century ago and it’s still moronic marketing today. Getting your loyal customer base to resent you is never a smart sales move. Why not keep the original on the market and add the sickly sweet spinoffs and let the sales determine the winner?

    Sad but true and funny: I put “new strongbow t” into Google, and it autofilled the rest as “new strongbow too sweet.” Apparently I’m not alone. You really need to fire whoever did your market testing on this one.

  361. Devastated by the stupidity of removing one of the best ciders from the market. Add your new sweet ciders, and continue to supply the original to people with palates that don’t require a dose of syrup in their cider. As a strongbow drinker for over 35 years, I now have to switch to one of your competitors. Luckily a local supplier has Dry Blackthorn, so I can still drink a real dry cider. Goodbye.

  362. Please bring back the original recipe. I loved the cider. I discovered it in London when I went to visit. This was my favorite cider before this change. Just bring it back as strongbow classic and you’ll make bundles of cash

  363. My first taste of Strongbow was a revelation, and it has been my summer and post-workout drink for years. However, I went to the store yesterday to pick up my Fourth of July beverages and was disappointed to learn Heineken had changed the Strongbow recipe. I simply bought something else, so if that’s what you had hoped for, consider your mission accomplished. And please don’t reply with some insipid pap from your PM department. Adios! It was refreshing!

  364. My educated opinion is that someone, somewhere will be losing their very high paying job over this ridiculous mistake… I guess this change is one way to destroy a brand. Hopefully another company will capitalize on this loss sooner than later.

  365. Wait a minute. I just figured out what this is. This is a ploy. You “phase out” the old cider, generating tons of publicity, then you “phase it back in” and reap the profits. Cider gets more coverage, you get a bigger profit. Hmmm, maybe the guy that thought of this does deserve a raise. But I deserve free strongbow delivered to my favorite bar for not blabbing about this on a public web…. site…. whoops

  366. How extremely disappointed I was when I went to purchase my beloved Strongbow and found instead something called Golden Apple and Honey. Thinking you had just changed the name, I bought the Golden Apple. I could only choke down a few sips and had to pour the remaining disgusting liquid down the drain. Now I have 5 bottles of crap in my fridge I cannot drink. I discovered the best cider in the world (Strongbow) while living in England for four years. Upon returning the the U.S., I struggled to find Strongbow, but when I did, I bought at least a case or two, and only shared it with my closest friends.
    This garbage you dare to call Strongbow is dreadful! I hate sweet ciders. The only other cider I will drink is Scrumpy Jack, but that isn’t available outside the U.K. WHY, WHY, WHY, would you change something that was already perfect???? At least offer the original!!!

  367. Your new cider is awful. The market is saturated with lousy cider. Be brave enough to offer something different and put original strongbow back on the market. Coca cola did it with new come and returning with coke classic.

  368. I am shocked, disappointed and discouraged that the original (and in my opinion, only) strongbow has been discontinued. I have tried A LOT of “ciders” in the states, all of which are the typical sugary sweet drinks, but Strongbow was my uptime favorite – as it was a refreshing, dry, REAL cider. I am disgusted that of course Heineken had to jump on the bandwagon and trade in a classic for the typical sugary apple juices, I feel like this is an embarrassment to what Strongbow is, and that it was a decision made in greed.

  369. I cannot believe you changed Strongbow. I bought some and thought the bottle was just updated since Heineken bought the company but once I tasted it – I was wrong. The new flavor (I have only tried the Gold Apple) is way too sweet and horrible. Why would you do this? I will now have to find a new drink. Please bring back the original Strongbow. You know the old saying – “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”

  370. Reasons why this happened. January 2013 Heineken acquires the distribution rights. 2013 is a slightly dry year, meaning not the profits they expected. Being an American company, driven by nothing but mindless greed, instead of simply waiting it out they felt ACTION must be taken. They analyzed the market and found that many Americans were drinking sickeningly sweet syrup ciders mostly brewed in the NorthWest. So… if you can’t beat them, join them. This AMAZING initiative was doubtless rewarded with enough of a pay bonus to buy Uruguay. What it actually did was: 1. Alienate all of their previous fans. 2. Remove their extremely large foothold in the dry cider market. They now have NO presence in the dry cider market. 3. Put themselves into direct competition with a flooded market of sweet ciders produced locally, and sold at a cheaper price that taste the same or better. 4. Set back cider sales in the US on the whole, as Strongbow WAS the reason that cider sales were soaring in the US, and now it’s just the same as the crappy sweet stuff.

    In summary, the person who made this decision should NOT get a pay bonus the size of an Obama bailout. He should be fired. If Heineken had any integrity whatsoever… well, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place, but they would admit this was an amazing blunder and reverse the decision. One need go no further than the other comments on this page to see that.

  371. Why? It doesn’t make any sense… I manage a restaurant/bar in West Hollywood, and would never allow this new stuff to be served to my guests. Too sweet! Horrible decision on your part, I will no longer even consider any Heineken product ever.

  372. WAY TOO SWEET! You are insulting us by replacing your original recipe with this stuff.

  373. Tried the new flavors, they suck. Too sweet and thank you very much for discontinuing the cider I’ve drank for 30 years. Hope you get a wart somewhere really obvious like your nose. Cheers!!

  374. When I found out the original was being discontinued I was upset. I can not believe you would discontinue a popular drink that WAS the BEST one on the market. I have tried so many different varieties, but the original strongbow is always my favorite one. Stongbow was the first cider I every tried and was immediately hooked. Bring it back! Not everyone wants to drink pure sugar. I refuse to try the new disgusting crap of cider you are now selling. If I wanted a sugar high I would eat a bag of candy, but I don’t I want DRY CIDER. None of the other dry ciders compare to Strongbow. Please bring it back!

    – A truly dissatisfied loyal strongbow original loving customer

  375. I was an occasional drinker of the original Strongbow. I tried other ciders but found them all too sweet and always came back to Strongbow. Just found out at a bar over the weekend that they are not carrying Strongbow anymore and they told me about the recipe change. Then I see all these comments on-line about the loyal drinkers who don’t want something really sweet. I don’t agree with them that the sweet stuff is bad – some people, especially women, might like it and that is OK. But you are making a bad mistake if you do not bring back the original recipe. Leave the others if you want, but bring back the original. Coke did it successfully. It’s a big market and a lot of guys don’t want the sweet stuff.

    • If you go to Facebook page the people who are being the most loud about this are women. The new stuff is disgusting. Sweet in a disgrace to English cider!!

      Sorry I want to speak up for my gender we don’t like it either. I spoke up so loudly and suggested another brand I got banned from their page on Facebook.

      • What did you suggest? We like Samuel Smith, but it can be a little funky for my wife. The traditional Dry Strongbow was my wife’s favorite cider… such a bummer!!!

  376. Add me to the long, long list of loyal customers who will not have a sip of Strongbow again unless the original is revived. It was the best readily available cider in the country and stood out from the crowd. replaced by a sweet anonymous concoction that blends in with most everything else. As if that were not enough, we get a double slap in the face in the form of downsized bottles to 11.2 oz! Seriously?? Are people falling for this? I still feel like this all has to be some sort of joke. I don’t like beer but drink cider multiple days per week. It is literally sickening that my favorite cider is gone. Please reconsider.

  377. 🙁 missing original strongbow. So very sad.

  378. I am so upset. If I wanted Angry Orchard I would BUY Angry Orchard. This is not good. Can you say NEW COKE?

  379. I can’t believe I’m the only one but I LOVE THE NEW STRONGBOW FLAVORS. Please don’t switch back to the old one.

    • Let me guess you’re young and in your 20s

  380. I remember when Coca Cola replaced their original recipe with something that was supposed to be better, and they regretted it. Heineken is making the same mistake. The new cider is overly sweet and lacks the nuance that the original cider had. Please do us all a big favor, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL, TRADITIONAL STRONGBOW! If you need to keep the sweet stuff around for people who don’t know any better, fine; but don’t make the rest of us who have good tasted suffer with this “kiddie cocktail” of apple ciders.

  381. You are killing me. I love going to our great local place “The Old Bag of Nails” and ordering some fish and chips with a tall Strongbow. The one that came wasn’t the delicious dry cider that accompanies the fried fish, but some sweet crap that tasted more like soda pop than an alcoholic beverage. Why so sweet, Heineken? If I wanted sweet I would drink one of the many other things on the market….I drank 1 instead of my usual 2 with my dinner and guess what, that is the last one that I drink until you bring back the original…….

  382. Can’t believe Heineken would mess with a classic. Such a stupid mistake. These new ciders are a complete mess and taste awful. All the bars around me have simply stopped serving Strongbow because of this change. If you want new flavors, that is fine, but why discontinue something that people already love the world over?!?!?!?!

  383. Sorry guys, but the new Gold Apple product isn’t even in the zip code of a bull’s-eye. In fact, it’s pretty bad. My wife and I tried it over ice and after storing it in the wine cellar and it was lost both times. It’s a bummer to lose a standby, but we haven’t considered buying it since, and won’t going forward. While it seems lost on you, I completely understand why other posters are emotional.

  384. Are you kidding me? You sunseted the best hard on the planet for this dime-store sugar swill? There are enough crap sugar ciders on the market the last thing we need is another Woodchuck or Angry Orchard. How dare you. I will no longer buy another Heineken as long as I live. Piss off. I hope sales plummet.

  385. Heineken USA it is time to bring back the original.
    Had to switched to Stella Cidre and flushed the new flavors down the drain since they are undrinkable.

  386. Extremely disappointed with the new stuff – please get the original back on line ASAP

  387. It is really shocking and sad to see the lack of serious response from the company about this. You made a grievous miscalculation when you decided to discontinue the original flavor and have let down a very large part of your consumer base with your flippant responses.

    The new flavors are just like every other over-sweet cider out there so I guess it doesn’t matter which one I buy. Was that what you were going for? Because that’s what you got.

  388. Please bring back the classic recipe.

    • How about instead of deleting my post you actually respond to your customers…

  389. I been drinking Strongbow cider since 1988. I tried the new recipe & did not like it. To sweet, it now taste like American cider. I switched over to drinking Blackthorn.

  390. I agree with most comments here. Where is the original Strongbow? I have drank this since I was of drinking age. Tried the new flavors and won’t buy them again. I find them too sweet like most american made ciders. Bring back the original and do it soon. Listen to your customers!

  391. I am devastated that they would stop making such a great cider force horribly sweet and disgusting cider. I will never purchase strongbow again!!! This is all I drink and I will now have to find a new cider which will not be easy. I don’t understand why a company would stop making something when it is perfect. What us going on??!

  392. In case you’re wondering … your consumers hate the new Cider … if the original recipe of Strongbow was working the world over, why would you change it?? Most bars I know of have discontinued serving it – on tap and in bottle. Poor decision guys – you’re losing business hand over fist.

  393. Stared drinking ‘Bow 35 years ago as a 15 year old lad in England, it was always head and shoulders above Woodpecker and Dry Blackthorn

    Fast forward 20 years and was I please to find it here in the US. I continued my love affair with the Original ‘Bow until my wife restocked the garage fridge with bottles (We always bought our beloved ‘Bow in cans, forget the fact we were paying through the nose for it here in the US. It’s 14 quid for 20 cans back in the UK, and often much cheaper).

    I popped one open and took a mouthful, then promptly spat it out on my driveway……Nasty, horrible, sickly sweet, s*it is the best I can describe it. I have spent thousand (probably 10’s of thousand) over the years on ‘Bow, and also Heineken lager too. My money will be heading the way of Stella now I guess. I wonder what marketing genius dreamed this one up?? And I wonder what his next job will be when it all comes out that he lost the company $$$$’s.

    I’m fortunate that my taste buds will get used to supping the Stella cider in a fairly short time, but given the choice I would be drinking ‘bow on my death bed…..

    RIP STRONGBOW….You will be sadly missed by this expat!!!!

  394. Excited to see Strongbow at my local Kroger (grew up in the UK on ciders and beers, quite a lot of it Strongbow). Was a bit suspicious at the honey one but “golden apple” has to be good, right? Wrong. Won’t be making that mistake again.

  395. Lost another loooong time customer. For those looking for an actual enjoyable experience get to your local specialty store and get yourself some Blackthorn hard cider. Dry, crisp, a little too bitter, but also cheaper than Strongbow ever was. Hate to lose a favorite but now I’ll save a few hindered dollars a year with the cheaper product. The sweet cider fad will fade and you will have doomed your brand forever.

  396. Please bring back the original.

  397. What is wrong with you idiots, You had a great cider that I “discovered” when I was in England this past May and replaced with something that is so sickeningly sweet it upsets the crap out of me and I have to take at least 3 Tums to settle my stomach! Why can’t we have the good Black Label DRY Cider??? Bloody Sods X( ! A very angry former customer. I’ll do with out and continue to drink Coors Light.

  398. There is nothing I can say here that has not already been said. However, the level of my disappointment prompts me to add a comment in the hope (albeit slim chance) that old strongbow will return. I do not like the new strongbow; however, I have no problem with you adding it. What I cannot fathom is why it would replace the original. There are few truly dry ciders out there while it seems every month a new sweet cider comes onto the market. Strongbow was by far the best cider on the market for those looking for a dry option. Now I will go with magners or blackthorn. Not as good as original strongbow but certainly better than new recipe. Many of my friends are also upset with this switch… I should say this includes any and all my friends who drink cider. In Indianapolis, where I live, most bars have switched from strongbow to Stella cidre but would prefer old strongbow. Overall, strongbow seems to be losing business! They certainly have lost mine until old recipe comes back. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed while drinking anything but this new recipe.

  399. The reviewer is quite wrong, the new cider is HORRIBLE. Do not get suckered into trying it. Kool Aid for adults. The Original Strongbow was the best on the market and the new cider is really, really bad.

  400. To say that doing away with the original strongbow is a shame is a TOTAL understatement. Where I live, we paid $10 for a six pack of Strongbow. It was substantially ore than other ciders, but we felt it was worth the extra money for a far superior, non-sugar laden product. My wife and I grew to live the original Strongbow during a trip to London, and we were hooked ever since. Until you RUINED a great product with bull**** product that was supposedly an improvement. If I wanted something that sweet, I’d mix my kids koolaid with everclear. You failed miserably in your market. You held a considerable share of the cider market and wanted more, and in return you’ve alienated your LOYAL customer base. Remove your heads from your backsides and right your wrongs, before your loyal customer base completely gives up on you and finds an alternative.

  401. I originally believed that the release of new products for Strongbow was a step in the right direction. I love the original Strongbow and thought that any new marketing to get such a fantastic product out there would be great. Knowing that the release of these new flavors comes at the cost of the original recipe is simply outrageous. I do not understand why heiniken won’t do what every other successful (and better) beer company does and release these variations as seasonal or limited editions along side the original. This is possibly one of the worst marketing moves heiniken could make. You are losing avid fans for the support of drinkers who will likely turn to woodchuck or angry orchard anyway. Save yourself alot of time and effort and just bring back the original recipe.

  402. Terribly disappointed that original Strongbow is no longer available–it was my “go-to”. I did give the new ones a try and will not buy them again–too sweet and “artificial” tasting. I really appreciated the dry and crisp taste of the original. Please reconsider!

  403. I can not believe that you are killing of the best cider made, I have been drunk this in the UK before moving to the US for nearly 30 years I never thought I would have to go over to drinking Blackthorn but I can’t stand this sickly sweet abominations of cider… You should have learnt from Coke when they made this kind of mistake.. if you have to have these ones to try and grab a share of the market then keep the classic for those of us who enjoy a good dry cider that doesn’t taste like an Apple jolly rancher!

  404. New Coke…ring a bell?
    You don’t mess with a good thing, that could have been great …you hire a better marketing team!!! I work in the industry and all my associates agree…. The New Coke back to Classic Coke fiasco for sure! Sheep……..

  405. Try Cigar City, Hard Cidar …Pretty good…Closest thing I could find the original Strongbow and not too sweet.

  406. New Coke…ring a bell?

    You don’t mess with a good thing, that could have been great …you hire a better marketing team!!! I work in the industry and all my associates agree…. The New Coke back to Classic Coke fiasco for sure! Sheep…

  407. Thanks for the sobriety Heineken! I searched for years until I found my signature drink; the original and only StrongBow for all I’m concerned.
    You sold out to be more like Angry Orchard and Red’s and the new recipes are too sweet. Your lips should only stick together from the sweetness of pancake syrup, not from what is supposed to be a cool refreshing drink. Sweet start with a dry finish….please bring it back!

    • hmm.so yeah A friend dropped by t a 6 pack of this strongbow apple mess and at first i was like “holy crap it’s strongbow” i have not had that in years since i was stationed in the Army overseas. I was excited to see strongbow in my local area.

      After tasting it, i was like ummm this is not what i remembered. So I opened up my china cabinet to find a beer glass from my Army days in Europe , a beer mug that i collected from the pub when i was there because I drank and loved this cider soo much that I did not ever want to forget the name.

      On that beer glass was the logo “STRONGBOW DRY CIDER”. 500ml

      Man I loved that cider…..this new stuff I can live without buying ever.

      I came to website to find where i might be able to find the Original “Dry Cider”.

      Only to find its gone forever now..? What a shame I was looking forward to getting some.

  408. Bring back the original Strongbow! It was unique and classy. The new flavored are just like the rest. Bad move!

  409. Why did you ruin it? Are you trying to give people diabetes with this new crap. I bet your brand team is embarrassed.

  410. What can I add to ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS? It has been said over and over again that the new Strongbow is awful! Everyone that I talk to is in agreement, this was a huge mistake for Heineken! So tell me Heineken, how are your sales? Looks to me that the shelves are full EVERYWHERE! That’s new for you huh? Oh wait, I won’t get an original response, will I?

    • No they do not care. They will start caring when it hits their pocketbook…

  411. Tried new product because original was not in stock. Tried original while at Olympic Games in London. This became my favorite drink, but the new golden apple is too sweet, ladies like it but I will go back to another brew if original is unavailable. Always a poor decision to limit choice.

    • Ladies DON’T like it … at least this one and a bunch of female commenters above don’t! These new ciders are way too sweet. I drank Strongbow exclusively and now have no alternative but to hope that someone else comes out with a decent dry cider. I will NOT drink the new Strongbows. I’m VERY disappointed. Why can’t Heineken just produce less of the original, assuming that sales is the issue?

    • I agree as a lady, I think it’s disgustingly sweet and Heineken obviously just doesn’t care about their loyal long term customers.… In the long run it will be Heineken who loses. Way to treat us!!!

    • HEY HEINKEN ARE YOU READING THIS!?!? Because your lack of response says no….glad you made a drink for teenie-boppers!!!!

  412. This article was obviously paid for. Your product is terrible now. All I want to know is WHY Heineken decided to kill this brand. I never knew I was passionate about an alcoholic beverage until you took away my Strongbow Dry. I am really hating your company for disregarding so many loyal customers.

  413. What a disaster. . . I’ve been an avid fan for years. I’ll have to look elsewhere. I assume this is only in the US?

    I hope someone, anyone gets your attention! Read a few reviews of the new Strongbow you decided to release in place of the original recipe. What an epic failure, you have successfully screwed up one of the most beloved dry ciders available to the global market. I sincerely hope that the geniuses who decided that discontinuing the old recipe for this once great product find themselves unemployed at this very moment. I tried this new “Americanized” Strongbow the other day, it is just awful. And everyone I have talked to about the change agrees. Bring the old recipe back, and do it quickly or you will see legions of your loyal customers choose another product. We want English dry cider, not the bastard brother of Woodchuck. Yuck.

  415. I just found out that the original Strongbow has been discontinued. I fell in love with it on tap in the UK and kept it stocked in my home. I have turned dozens of people on to it only to have it discontinued. I am sick about this. I have tried both replacements and they are terrible. They are too sweet and taste like cough syrup. You may have gained some of the kiddie crowd with this “me too” cider replacement but to me and many others its just like Coca Cola changing the recipe for coke. Its a very sad day. I didnt realize this until later or I would have stocked up again before it was too late. I just ran out and went to replenish and found it no longer existed. Bad Bad choice Heineken. What is that old saying? Pennywise Pound foolish? Please contact me if it ever comes back. A classic is gone.

  416. Twenty years ago I discovered Strongbow (extra dry) while living in Australia. Many years later I finally found Strongbow original in the US and have kept my fridge stocked. Sadly I will be going to Magner’s as the new gold Apple is aweful. Bring back the original!!!!

  417. I bought the new stuff thinking it was a label change. After getting halfway through the first bottle I knew something was wrong because it didn’t taste right. I finished off the bottle out of cheapness then gave the rest to my friend.(He drank one and now the others are just sitting in his basement for last few months because nobody wants them.) Honestly my stomach felt weird after drinking it too. (I have Type 1 diabetes) I don’t think it actually messed with my blood sugar, but I think the sweetness was just something I am not use to handling anymore.

    I won’t buy this again.

    I can see why your marketing people thought this would sell well, it tastes like all the other sweet ciders. It probably did do well in a taste test with most people who like sweet ciders. The problem is that everyone who liked original didn’t want a sweet cider. This cider is not that good that you are going to take the sweet lovers and win them over to this. So you have just alienated your original customer basis in an attempt to try to tap into other markets where people are not going to switch. Did you ever think to taste test this overly sweet stuff against other overly sweet stuff? What sucks is I had actually gotten numerous friends who were beer drinkers only to drink the original because it wasn’t offensive. That is where your market was the people who don’t want the other ciders because they all taste the same…. too sweet.

    Go ahead and make this, just make original too, even if it is in a more limited quantity.

  418. This is awful, the new strongbow tastes like sickeningly-sweet artificially flavored generic malt beverage, not cider. Original strongbow was my favorite cider. I will have to find another brand of dry cider without the artificial crap. Your short term sales may benefit from buying into a trend, but while your original cider was an alternative to the many sickeningly sweet, artificially flavored “ciders” on the market, your new beverage is not. Strongbow was once a brand for cider lovers, now it is a brand for teenagers who can’t stomach the taste of beer.

  419. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL! So Heineken, I noticed you quit responding back in April. I wonder why. By my rough counting – there are 180 customers who posted their opinions here and are no longer customers. Assuming they drank just 1 case a month, @$43/case … that’s $92,880/year of lost revenue. And this is only counting people who spoke up here. Coke made a mistake, manned-up and brought back the original. So should you. You’ll have my business back if/when you bring back the original.

  420. Not good. I am a beer drinker and gave it up. Had to move to cider due to celiac sprue. Gluten free beers are next to nasty. The only really dry cider that was palatable to me was the original Strongbow. I do not like sweet and dislike wine cooler type beverages. Since the introduction of the new flavors of your cider the original is impossible to find. Not drinkin it and not happy in north Texas.

  421. I have been drinking Strongbow for many years. Easily the best affordable hard cider on the planet. When the supply dried up during the contract issues it was a dark time. Do you people really not get that the ONLY reason you have the market share and popularity you currently enjoy is BECAUSE you have the lowest sugar content cider on the market? The whole world is reducing calories and making low cal beverages and you decide to up the sugar content from 9g to 24g??? These two new products are the WORST crap I have ever tried to drink. I can’t imagine who would imbibe this syrupy garbage other than high school girls. About as sophisticated a drink as wine coolers. You have just alienated your entire uber loyal customer base. This is a complete failure of management, R&D, and everyone else involved; and your stock price will reflect as much over the coming year. Enjoy watching your company collapse before you lose your job.


  422. Sorry, but you have to be kidding! I have been drinking Strongbow Original Cider for over 35 years and was very happy when I moved to the USA to find it here. Dry cider that tastes as good as this is hard to find. Please continue to supply the original cider behind the ‘new way too sweet stuff’. Will have to look else where rather than settle on second best! very upset by this move, why do you think cider has slowly been coming back?? I believe you are trying to cater to an ‘American Market’ which does not exists! People are coming on board to the old bow, I have many cider converts here which are just as upset as me.
    Yours Very Confused!
    Nigel Smith, NJ

  423. So I can understand you wanting to branch out your market, but why would you get rid of your original flavor? Is there some kind of law out there that says you can only have one or the other? Abandoning a current market to go after a new one doesn’t make any sense. Not all Americans like sweet cider. At least there’s a cider boom going on, so I have options beyond your terrible new cider and your new ads with 90% more lens flare.

  424. This beverage is not the StrongBow cider champagne I am used to. It is Sucky Sweet. Please let us know when you have repented your sins and re-instated the original recipe. Until then I will let the stores that sell your product how disappointed I am.

    Cheers (with something not strongbow),

  425. I’ll probably get flamed for this, based on all the other comments, but…. I **ADORE** the new Honey & Apple flavor. I’m pretty new to hard ciders (never been much of an alcohol fan), and up until I tried this, I only ever really liked Angry Orchard. This is head-and-shoulders better!!! Unlike most of the commenters, I love the sweetness, and it’s got a very smooth texture that makes it a joy to drink. I assume the different is one of preference (I prefer very sweet wines, as well, and don’t care for the taste of “plain” alcohol), as well as the fact that I never tried the original Strongbow that everyone seems to have loved so much. Don’t hate, please….I would have no problem if they brought back the original, just as long as they keep the Honey & Apple on the shelves!!!!! Please don’t discontinue the first alcohol I’ve actually enjoyed drinking due to lack of “fan” support!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  426. My local british pub in the US has served draft Strongbow for a long time, and it has always been my beverage of choice. About a month or so ago, I went in to enjoy a pint of my beloved Strongbow cider, and found its taste disgusting. I asked the bartender if anything was different, who told me “You know? Something looked funny about the label on the keg today when it was dropped off. Didn’t think anything of it” I was VERY disappointed when I found out that they discontinued the original recipe. My fridge was ALWAYS stocked with Strongbow Cider, but unless the formula is changed back to the original, I will never again order another US version of this crap. My local pub switched back to Magner’s, and I’ve switched to Angry Orchard, which I’ve been pretty happy with, but I sorely miss my original Strongbow. My only hope is that when visiting my grocery store, where 6 packs of Strongbow used to fly off the shelves faster than they could keep up – now sit untouched and fully stocked, the same is happening elsewhere and the numbers aren’t adding up. Heineken USA, for the love of god and all that is holy, PLEASE bring back the original formula!

  427. Just wanted to second the comments of other posters here. This was a terrible and misguided judgement by Heineken. If I wanted a much too sweet cider I have plenty of other crappy options out there. Count me among the (previously) loyal and longtime customers that you’ve lost.

  428. You killed my favorite cider by cutting out its heart and sticking green apple jolly ranchers in with a fistfull of sugar. Taste like crap now. I hope your corporate leaders get the hint and go back to the original bc I will be telling everyone I know not to buy your shitty cider.

  429. PLEASE BRING BACK DRY STRONGBOW!!!! It’s the best.

  430. Your new formula is disgusting. I finally found a good, dry cider and you turned it into just another overly sweet cider. And don’t think you’re foolin’ anyone with the 11.2oz bottle. Shows you have no respect for your consumers. Oh well, back to searching for a new good-to drink. I’m not buying this new swill.

  431. As a loyal Strongbow drinker since my first sip in Toronto more than 10 years ago, I was surprised to taste this “New Coke” version of my favorite cider today. All the classic cans had been replaced by the new (smaller) Gold Apple cans in the many places here in town that previously stocked classic, so I just assumed it was a packaging change/marketing ploy.

    It was not. I will join the chorus of Strongbow faithful that have already listed the myriad reasons why this new flavor pales in comparison to the original dry pub-style cider that we all fell in love with. Please please please follow Coca-Cola’s example and bring back our Strongbow “Classic.” This sweet stuff will sell just fine to the flavored malt beverage crowd that you’re clearly trying to woo, but for the true cider aficionado (something I was inspired to become after tasting Strongbow for the first time), the Gold Apple variety simply does not pass muster.

    Until then, I encourage all Strongbow Classic (SBC) fans in the U.S. to seek out Crispin Brownlane – their imported dry. It’s not SBC exactly, but it’ll serve as a worthy substitute.

  432. Nice! way to feed in to the American sugar addiction. You can bet that I will NEVER again buy another Strongbow. It’s Crispin all the way from now on. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!

  433. Please bring back the old recipe! You should sell both at least… this new stuff is terrible! Why mess with something so good that was doing so well and replace it with this nasty candy apple tasting crap. I hope people don’t buy it and u guys switch back!

  434. Bring back the original. It wasn’t just the original strongbow, it was the original CIDER!

  435. I’ve loved Strongbow since visiting Britain 5 years ago and was ecstatic to find it in Oklahoma. The 140 calories in 12 oz. is also good. WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT?!? Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The new ones are too sweet. Now, I have to go back to Woodchuck. Sigh.

  436. This is the most horrible tasting stuff. Please do not discontinue selling the original strongbow! This new stuff has too many carbs and so sweet I took one sip and almost gagged, I poured the rest down the sink. You have forced me to look for other options.

  437. The new cider is awful. Why would you discontinue the original? Why not just have it AND the new sugar water crap? For those that need something new to drink to replace it, Original Sin is pretty decent.

  438. Everyone I know is boycotting this new crap you are calling strongbow.

  439. As a long time ORIGINAL Strongbow fan I am disgusted that the original was phased out for that sugary crap. Who the hell was dumb enough to phase out the line that made Strongbow what it is…or was?! You are losing and not gaining customers. I will no longer buy any of your products.

  440. Why would you NOT still offer Strongbow Original?
    I have purchased a case a week of Original Strongbow for about 10 years now. You have now lost a customer.
    I do not like Strongbow Gold, nor the other flavor that is offered. Nor does anyone else I know.
    It’s UK’s best selling cider, yet you no longer offer it in the U.S.?
    I understand offering new flavors, but offer the Original flavor too.
    I truly hope that you will bring Original Strongbow back before I find a new favorite cider, as I no longer drink the Strongbow flavors that are offered.

  441. Strongbow was the only cider I ever liked and it was one of my favorite beverages. I hate all ciders except for strongbow. My boyfriend picked me up a SMALLER 4 Pack at the SAME PRICE as the old 4 Packs (which was already 11 to 12 dollars) and told me that the liquor store guy assured him that it was the same product with a new look. When I opened the first can the smell of green jolly ranchers filled my nostrils, and then my heart, with disgust. I am devastated. please please PLEASE bring back strongbow and discontinue this kool-aid.

  442. The only Cider I drink… Gone. You guys have made a stupid decision based apparently on poorly researched market trends. I tried your two new flavors and they are sugary crap like you “new” competitors, since the original Strongbow didn’t have competition in the Dry Cider market. One hopes you rethink this mistake. Then again, stupidity, like cheap beer seem to be here to stay.


  444. I am with many of these consumers on here. I am highly disappointed of the discontinuation of the strongbow original. This was one of the only ciders that stood out in a crowd of way to sugary counterparts. I had many of my friends switch over from other sugary ciders suck as woodchuck, angry orchard, smith and forge to strongbow originals great dry taste. Now we are all forced to find a new alternative since strongbow has fallen into this sugary trend. I surely hope that you realize you made a bad choice in the discontinuing of the original. Adding flavors is one thing and would have been fine but completely killing the original is just a bad marketing decision. I hope you come to realize this and bring back the original and once again stand out in this market. Until then I unfortunately will not purchase stongbow again and will have to find an alternative company to purchase from that does not fall into this sugary cider trend.

  445. Thank you

    One of your disturber employee suggested this drink to me. It was so refreshing I’m not a big drinker have tried others and hated them. I love this drink now I’m addicted move from Alabama to Pennsylvania and completely disappointed can’t find this drink anywhere….plz help thanks

    • It’s gone Heineken screwed over it’s customers.

      I’ve written a called and gotten the same BS form info. We are drones we cannot think for ourselves, we must read from script.

      Thanks for taking care of us….oh wait.

      • I understand wanting to compete with the sweet cider market. But getting rid of the ORIGINAL was not a smart marketing move. Adding sugar and decreasing the bottle size? Really? Are you insane? I am sad, back to Magner’s for me.

  446. I am so mad that you are getting rid of the original strong bow! Everyone I know hates the golden apple it is too sweet and peculiar! The honey apple is ok but I couldn’t have more than one! You should have asked you consumers first! You have lost my business and all of my friends, too!! What I loved about strong bow is that it wasn’t too sweet! Now I am in search of a new beer;( ask around you made a very poor decision!

    • To all the ORIGINAL Strongbow fans, give Stella Cider a try. I think it may be one of the closest to the Original Strongbow. My 2nd favorite is Magner’s. Someone recommended the Magner’s Pear and I generally don’t care for a pear flavor, but the Magner’s Pear is quite light and refreshing.

      • NO. The Stella was BAD. The only thing that will do is Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider, Angry Orchard Traditional Dry, or Magners, which is hard to find where I live.

  447. This is disgusting. I’ll have to sub magners for now. Bring back the original cider.

  448. I love “New Coke”! It’s my favorite soft drink ever. Strongbow Crap Apple will be just as good.

  449. I have been a strongbow drinker since 2003 when I was introduced to it in the military while overseas. I am so disappointed that when I go into a liquor store the only kind I can find is the Golden apple or honey apple. To remove “the original” from your beverage line is disheartening. I only drink ciders because they are gluten free. These new concoctions are to sweet almost aggressively over sweet. I will not purchase another cider from your company until you bring back the original. So please please please let me have peace and give me back my strongbow

  450. I tried Golden Apple and it was awful, sick, sweet. Just a sad thing to loose the original Strongbow. For those of us who can’t drink beer its a double shame. There are some options though – just look for “extra dry” cider, that seems to be US code for not sweet as candy. Good-bye Strongbow!

  451. My husband and I will never buy Strongbow again, unless you bring back the original taste. Don’t make the mistake of New Coke. At the very least, make Strongbow Classic. We were shocked to hear our favorite local Irish pub no longer carries Strongbow, but it’s because they heard so many complaints from customers that it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. You took the only dry cider on the market and made it taste like every other cider out there.

  452. I had to double check with my local store after the original just disappeared over night. I thought they were going to tell me that their store stopped carrying the original in favor of the new flavors and was floored to find out that they had no choice in the matter. The original was discontinued in favor of these overly sweet, higher priced and smaller bottled (11.2 oz) crap.

    What was once a cider that I bought weekly is now a product that I will not drink if it was offered to me for free. I will no longer buy any Strongbow product or any Heineken related beverage until they bring back what was clearly the best cider on the market.

    As with most word of mouth advertising, I will tell everyone who will listen about how inferior the new product is. All Heineken seems to be interested in doing is mirroring all the other mediocre ciders and is charging their customers more money for a smaller bottle on top of it.

    What an incredible disappoint their decision has been, and from all the negative comments I’ve read on this sight, I am far from the only one who will never support this horrible decision. My money is going to be spent elsewhere.

  453. I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying the original Strongbow over the past decade and some. You guys messed this one up big time. The new flavors are way, way, too sweet…. And … You decreased the package size? 11.2 ounces? Greedy!!!!

    I was delighted to find two six packs of original Strongbow at a local drug store tonight. Scooped them both up. I will never buy your new product ever again.

  454. Please bring back the classic, original Strongbow DRY cider! I do not like and will not buy the new syrupy sweet cider. As with wine, more sophisticated imbibers enjoy dry beverages. Even diabetics could enjoy the low sugar, low carb original. Consider your loyal customers and return the original cider to us!!

  455. Very disappointed in this change. Ordered a strongbow here at the pub and cannot drink it. Hoping to see the original recipe comeback, or it’s time to find a new cider to go to.

  456. I’m with everyone else, this new stuff is awful. I lived in the UK for years and loved strongbow, I got this new mix and it’s disgustingly sweet. Strongbow was the only cider I drank, please bring back the original for all of us!!!

  457. You guys are idiots for discontinuing the original Strongbow. I will never buy a Heineken product again.

    Wtf is wrong with you people.

  458. I’ve been drinking Strongbow for 15 yrs, unfortunately that has come to a screeching halt with the new flavor rollouts. Taking original out of circulation will not only anger loyal customers, but I have to believe it will be seen as a very bad business move. I’m sure your competitors are overjoyed, as we are all jumping ship until the original is returned. Also, I’d love the know who came up with drinking the new cider over ice…. A perfect way to ruin a cider, oh wait, that already happened and ICE won’t fix it! Bad, bad, bad move.



  460. I have been drinker Strongbow for years. I’m heartbroken! I’m allergic to beer and this is the only cider I have ever loved or even been able to tolerate. The new ones are terrible and so sweet! It’s a shame they can’t branch out while keeping the original that everyone in this city of Philadelphia loves so much. It’s just another woodchuck or angry orchard now. Who needs another sweet cider on the market? I’ll find another cider to call my favorite and to serve at the bar, unfortunately.

  461. Well I tried the 2 new Strongbow Ciders. Way to sweet.
    This is an absolute error by Heineken. Add new flavors if you must but walking away from the sales of the original seems short sighted – (see new coke).

    You have lost several very loyal customers.

    With any luck you case count will collapse and you will return many people’s favorite cider.
    By the way using your slogan ” world’s biggest selling cider” here the USA is now a lie or at best a half truth.

  462. Working for a British company and living in the UK for two years, I came to love hard English cider and fell IN LOVE with Strongbow. When we moved back to the states and couldn’t get it, I was heartbroken; I’d have people bring it back for me when they went to the UK or Canada. Can you imagine asking your manager and director to bring back six packs of cider. I tried Woodchuck and others, but they were entirely too sweet and didn’t compare to true English cider like Strongbow.

    We recently went to a local English pub for some fish and chips and a Strongbow and out came this nasty sweet pint!! Like others have said, this is a new Coke fiasco all over. You should have never touched the original recipe and introduced new variations. Have you reformulated your Heineken beer to match the flavor of all the other beers/lagers on the market?

    You’ve lost yet another loyal Strongbow fan. Hopefully someone in your marketing and research depart will get the hint like Coke did and bring back the original.

  463. The original Strongbow was AMAZING. The new stuff is gross, VERY sweet, and has far more sugar and carbs then it used to. So, you will gain weight by drinking a lame drink. No thanks! Bring back the original!

  464. Bring back the old recipe!!! The new flavors are terrible, take all these negative comments and start listening to the public. Will never buy this new product ever again and hope the stores stop carrying it to make you listen if all these comments arnt enough.

  465. Anyone remember the “new Coke” debacle? Same thing. The new flavors are not what I want. The original dry cider was great. I understand appealing to new customers but why discontinue the original?

  466. Strongbow Archers,

    I am a passionate drinker of Strongbow ORIGINAL Cider. I discovered it while being stationed in England for 4 years back in 1997. Cider was the only “beer like” drink that did not make me ill. Strongbow was my first choice. Today, (or rather last week, when I unknowingly finished my last REAL Strongbow) drinking Strongbow is like taking in a glass of English memories. 6 years ago, I discovered that I have Celiac disease which means I am allergic to the gluten in the barley and hops of beer. Since diagnosis, Strongbow has been my drink. To say that I am deeply disappointed with your new flavors, which I’ve even tried on ice, is an understatement. If you think that your profits will be increased my the words “premium” and “gold”, I hope that’s working out for you…honestly. But why do you have to alienate your loyal customers in favor of expanding your product? If your new flavors are doing so great (which I doubt based on your website feedback; and if I’m wrong, then the initial surge in sales due to new product marketing is sure to fade) then for the love of God why can’t you just offer the original Strongbow in addition to your new varieties. You can’t beat an English original. I don’t want a cider that is Americanized. My wife is English. American style cider is like many American women. Sweet and novel at first, but leave a bad taste and leave you unsatisfied and disappointed. Like my wife, Strongbow is tasteful, satisfying, and I can’t get enough. I want my Strongbow back…PLEASE! Please don’t force me to move back to England!

  467. You have ruined a perfectly good cider – triple the sugar content and you call this hard cider???? It’s an absolute travesty what has happened to this legend of cider!!!!!!

  468. Please bring back the original…very poor choice to try to be like the other sweet ciders. Whatever marketing/research lead the company to swing this way was misguided.

  469. Enjoying one of the four cans I have left. Breaks my heart.

    • I’ve got 2 original bottles left. THE NEW STUFF IS AWFUL. Unbelievable business decision.

    • Awful awful awful new “strongbow” might as well drink maple syrup, and will no longer drink another heiniken product

      huge mistake, not ONE person here likes the new product

      I was buying a couple of four packs a week, and now no way, its sucks

      • had to post here as a reply, I think they are stopping more posts

    • Hey are you ever going to reply?!

  470. I had noticed the sudden widespread availability of the new flavors of Strongbow in my area and had even tried them (though I found them sickly sweet and a pale imitation of the original), but had thought nothing of it because I usually buy my Strongbow by the keg. Then today I called my local liquor store to purchase another keg of golden deliciousness and found out that you have decided to stop selling the original style of Strongbow in kegs as well. Why have you written off a whole swath of customers like this? I have introduced your product to hundreds of people, and have found it to be universally liked. It was dry enough to appeal to beer drinkers, yet sweet enough for people who ‘don’t drink beer’. This new stuff however, is neither. It’s nothing like the product I have enjoyed for years, and I’m sad to say that after buying many kegs of your product for myself and others, I will no longer be purchasing Strongbow or any other product made by HeinekenUSA.

  471. Please do not discontinue the original Strongbow recipe! I have tasted a dozen ciders, and it was by far the best. Please bring it back!

  472. I want my Strongbow back……get rid of the sweet crap and bring back the original!

  473. Heineken’s response to loyal customers….

    *chirp* *chirp*

    in other words….

    We don’t care deal with it.

  474. SHAME ON YOU Heineken!! You have disgraced every brewer and every drinker of good cider with this disgusting, heavy, sugary swill. It would have been bad enough if you had added these to the Strongbow product line, but you had the gall to REPLACE a century plus favorite, a leader in the class. And you still dare to stamp 1887 on the bottle? You have bastardized the name Strongbow to peddle this cheap garbage. Well this daily drinker will NEVER again purchase any of your product nor will I waste any opportunity to spread the word, loud and far, that this is now an embarrassment to the class of ciders as much as it is a waste of apples and money. BLECH!

  475. I’ve gone through several different articles detailing the change from Classic English Dry recipe to a more fruity/modern take. I have yet to see a positive comment! I agree with everyone here. The new flavor is not what strongbow drinkers are after. If we wanted something sweet and sickening, we’d go for the woodchuck and crispin. I sent my last Strongbow order back because after the first taste, I knew it was far too sweet for me. Why completely discontinue the only dry cider on the market? Why not have the new flavors as additional options? This has yet to be addressed! You really are angering your entire following. I don’t see this re-formulation working out in your favor…

  476. The new Strongbow really did hit it’s mark…….when I tossed it in my trash can it made it right in!!!!!!!!! What the heck! Why would you ruin something great like that!!!?????? If I wanted angry orchid I would by that junk. Bring back the original.

  477. The new Strongbow Gold Apple is horrid. Truly sad, because it has become a clone of Angry Orchard (bleh). For now I’ve switched to Magners’, as has my local pub (and I’m working on my local package store to do the same). I may try Smith & Forge, but regardless, Strongbow is now sadly a casualty. I’d suggest you research Coca-Cola’s switch to “New Coke” to see how that went.

    • i am curious why Heineken will not reply on facebook…and why i was blocked on Facebook for suggesting another product??

      I am going to do the same Michael…talk to the bars around town and suggest they go with a more traditional brand since the candy sugar water since to be the latest rage.

  478. I’m sorry but the new cider recipe is just awful. It’s is way too sweet and our local pub has lost pretty much all its cider drinkers, it’s the only cider and gluten free product they serve, or served if we have our way! Now we are pushing to replace with Angry Orchard!!! Very sad you would destroy such a GREAT product, shame on you!

  479. Not a bull’s-eye. I miss the original recipe. The new recipes are very sweet and they’re not as good as some of the newcomers in comparison. Johnny Appleseed, Hornsby, Woodchuck, Angry Orchard and Crispin all have a similar flavor. Strongbow is a dry cider in a market flooded with bad, sickeningly sweet ciders. Way to ruin my favorite cider!

  480. Bring back the original strongbow! It’s fine to test out new flavors but why turn your backs on the loyal fans of your flagship product by suddenly discontinuing the original! Bring it back! There are dozens of sweet cider options and there was only one delicious dry crisp cider. Now there are none! You didn’t even give fans enough of a warning to be able to stock pile a stash before they were off the shelves.

  481. I just purchased the new Gold Apple. I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but its not what I look for in Strongbow. I don’t mind you trying out new flavor profiles, but please keep the tried and true original on the shelves. Unfortunately I will not be buying again until the original returns.

  482. Please bring back the Original Strongbow. I’ve tried your new versions and they are simply too sweet. They now taste just like Woodchuck and Angry Orchard. The original is dry, tart and refreshing. The new versions taste like soft drinks. I’m very sad that it seems I’ll not be able to get the “real” Strongbow anytime soon.

  483. I’m so disappointed. I was a loyal customer who bought a 6-pack or 4-pack just about every week. No more. I couldn’t finish the first can of this new stuff – way too sweet. Strongbow is now just another overly sweet cider I will never buy. Please bring back the original (or sell me the recipe)!!!

  484. The new strongbow is disgusting–far too sweet. Bring back the original!! Why mess with the best cider on the market?!

  485. Awful! Way to lower your taste standards to Angry Orchard and Woodchuck level!
    Goodbye my friend!

  486. I loved original Strongbow. I hate this gold apple variant. This is not just a blind hatred of change. I gagged on my first sip of this swill. I ended up dumping most of the bottle down the sink. Now, because I live in Pennsylvania I’m stuck with an entire case of this sickening crap. Please don’t advise me to try it colder or warmer depending on my tastes; I know how to drink cider, thanks.

  487. So sad that the decision to eliminate the original recipe was made….a cult beer classic with a loyal following and you decide to get rid of it? your marketing is off, way off!

  488. I have read through the entire comments section, and there is only one positive comment! That should show that the original should be brought back. I would leave a negative comment, but everything has been said. Did you just purchase the name so that you can try to push this swill?

  489. Very dissapointed in your new products. Strongbow was ALL I would drink. Please bring back original!!!! Will not be drinking the new stuff its to sweet, just like all the others. Yuck!!

  490. This is truly the worst marketing mistake. There are so many bad high sugar ciders out there already, why add to that instead of remaining the only true standout of quality cider. Plus the others are far cheaper.
    Gold is horrible. I am still nursing a headache from only two pints of it yesterday (Tastes horrible on tap too). Why so processed and why over twice the sugar, then, to add insult to injury, it is now only 11.2 ounces bottled. Strongbow was the best cider out there, and now, with Gold, one of the worst.
    I now will have to move to Blackthorn, where I can find it, or perhaps the few good small brands. I certainly will no longer by Strongbow if Gold is my only choice. Why did you have to remove the original instead of just adding this choice for those that know nothing about a good dry cider and like the diabetes inducing sugar levels of other cheap ciders.
    Sad times. I hope you have a “new coke” revelation and bring back what has made you popular.

  491. I’m wondering when the original Strongbow will be available again, since it’s VERY clear you made a mistake in “phasing” it out. All I’ve done is spend a small fortune ON OTHER BRANDS trying to find a suitable replacement. NONE of my money has gone toward anything Heineken, of that I can assure you. Bring back the original and then you can have my money again.

  492. The Apple and Honey Hard Cider tastes absolutely amazing wonderful flavor Thank you

  493. Severely disappointed that original recipe has been phased out in favor of sugary sweet new ciders. Strongbow has been my favorite due to its dry, not sickly sweet, flavor. This change forces me to say goodbye to Strongbow. It is a real shame that the American taste buds are ruining this excellent brand.

  494. Both of the new flavors taste horrible. Way to sweet, why mess with a classic? Just add the new flavors, don’t take away the original. You have definitely lost another customer.

  495. The new lines are disgusting, I can’t drink more than a can without getting a sugar-induced headache. I used to keep cases stocked but will not buy another can until the original is reintroduced.

    I get wanting to try out some new varieties, but discontinuing the original is a completely bonehead move, you’ve just thrown out a massive fan base.

    Bring back the original and sell it alongside the new forays into sugar overdose and see what wins on the market

  496. add a new flavour fine, but dont replace the old, the marketing agency you have used have no idea about ciders, if they did they would know that with this move you have lost every customer you had, and now you are starting from scratch.

    The only unsweet cider left for us is MAGNERS (not as good as orignal strongbow, but better then gold)

  497. I couldn’t finish a single can, poured most down the toilet will use remaining swill for target practice.

  498. The only reason we know of strongbow is because of your original recipe. Please bring it back!!

    • This new sweet strongbow is horrible! If I wanted to drink nasty sickly sweet angry orchard or woodchuck I would. I have a strongbow logo tattoo because of the dry delicious taste! How could you possibly stop making the best cider there is!!!!

  499. I have been a long time Strongbow fan and was thrilled when most places started serving it. I am seriously disappointed in Strongbow for jumping on the overly sweet bandwagon. I have tried this over ice, without ice, it’s horrible. Apparently this company has no loyality to those who have been loyal fans of them by discontinuing our favorite cider for this candy sweet crap, that has way too much sugar for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. You have lost a long time loyal consumer.

  500. Worst desicion ever to discontinue. Also, great choice on making the 6 pack box look almost identicle to Mikes Hard Cider… Everything about this product lacks orginallity.

  501. I am very confused at the desicion making process of pulling a unique and wonderful cider off the market. This cider now tastes like all the others, there is no dry quench at the end leavibg me with wanting more. Back to the drawing board for me to find my new favorite unique cider.

  502. Very very very disappointed at this desecration of an English tradition. Strongbow Dry Cider was the best mass produced cider available, and I bought this more than any other alcoholic beverage. Since trying the new flavours, I’m no longer interested – if I want to drink a glass of watered down sugar, I’ll buy Coca Cola. By all means try to tap into other markets, but why remove your primary and best product? Unbelievably mad. Sorry, but you just lost a very long time and loyal customer, and my family, and my friends.

  503. Worst Idea ever to discontinue the original Strong bow , it was the best Cider out there hands down!! Not to sweet … Low carb, the replacement os like drinking candy ..

    Please bring back the original !!!

  504. I am so dissapointed in the new Strongbow flavors and can’t understand why you would take something so good off the market. I agree with every comment on here of how it is too sweet and just like all the other ciders out there. This has been the only thing I drink for 6 years and am at a loss of what to drink now. I will not enjoy your new flavors and definately not over ice so don’t try to suggest it. Bring back the original recipe and make us all happy again.

  505. OH here is what i got everyone…
    Thanks for emailing HEINEKEN USA.

    The previous Strongbow was only be available through April. We are very excited to launch our two new flavors, Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey & Apple. If you’re having any trouble finding these new flavors, please email Strongbow@QualityCustomerCare.com and our team will be able to help you. We recommend pouring it over ice!

    The new Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cider balances the sweet and tart notes of the popular Golden Delicious apple, which hits the apple “bull’s-eye” flavor and delivers a crisp, refreshing taste. The new flavor profile also offers subtle hints of Honeycrisp apple and pear.

    Honey & Apple Hard Cider combines light hints of silky honey over a seamless apple backdrop.

    As a lifestyle badge brand, we want to differentiate Strongbow Gold Apple from the rest of the category by clearly communicating our premiumness and our refreshing taste. Our sleek, modern bottle and secondary packaging accomplish just that over other competing brands, while appealing to both men and women.

    • Premiumnsess…Hilarious. Both men and women might choose taste over a modern sleek bottle.

    • Per my feedback below, this “new” product is nothing more than a bottle of flavoured sugar. I have bought Strongbow Dry for years, more than any other brand of alcoholic drinks. I feel you’ve made a huge mistake with this change of direction. I personally hate the new drink, as do my friends and family. It saddens me to say that Strongbow is now on my avoid list – I’m really disappointed. Why couldn’t you introduce new variants and still keep the original? I feel let down by the whole brand, specifically Heineken. I bought several packs of this yesterday, and all but the open one are being returned, you’re more than welcome to have it back.

    • This is the typical corporate and rather mindless response we can expect now.
      They are only going to promote their product and ignore the complaints.
      The only way they will listen(if even then) is to hit them economically and boycott Heineken products.

    • Oh my, what a typical corporate crock of &*(^. Thank you Melody for posting their ridiculous response.

  506. Why won’t you give your customer any feedback? and if you offer a new product, because YOU changed, you blocked me on Facebook. are you that scared of loosing customers? because that was allllll Heinken, not me.

  507. I am a long time Strongbow drinker. These new ciders without maintains the original is a “new Coke” mistake I didn’t think would ever be repeated. I don’t know what market rea search lead to this change, but I for one will not purchase another Strongbow. It’s disgustingly sweet like a children’s drink. I’m back to Magners (or should I say Bulmers). Additionally, here in Southwest Florida I have almost solely heard bad things. I shop at Publix here in Southwest Florida, it’s stacked up. I hope I am wrong, but I think your going to see market share drop like there is no tomorrow.

  508. As I have begged and pleaded in other locations please bring back the original. These new flavors are terrible and I won’t be buying them or ANY Heineken product anymore.

  509. So what are you doing about this situation?
    There is no more feedback on the complaints(not that there was more than a trite “try it on ice” response anyway).
    Are you ignoring the situation?
    There are a lot of us who have become disgusted with Heineken and it’s decision to alienate the established customer base.
    Are you actually selling more of the new Jolly Rancher version and hoping the old customer base eventually shuts up and goes away?
    I will no longer do business with any Heineken division and I am encouraging my local to discontinue business with you.
    From my standpoint the decision to discontinue the product I have consumed for years is a poor one but the response you have given to dissatisfied customers is atrocious.

  510. As everyone else states the new product is HORRIBLE! Liquor stores try to tell me it’s the same and every time I get into an argument telling them it is not the same. I’ve scoured my town looking for last cases of the original and I can not find any. I have Celiacs so I need some gluten free options…Strongbow was the absolute best! Heineken you have muddled Strongbow’s reputation by only providing the sickly sweet crap! You’ve lost me as a customer and a fan. Closest replacement I’ve found is brand of Irish cider called “Kelly’s”. Guess it’ll have to do because I’ll never drink that sugary version of strongbow again!

  511. What a horrible decision. Bring back the original strongbow, please. These new ones are bad. Too sweet. The original is THE BEST cider around. You’ve broken my wife’s heart. I’ll be boycotting all heineken products until this is resolved.

  512. I find it interesting that everywhere i look, people are complaining. ONE post on FB was ooh this is good, most likely a 21something who still likes Boones wine. Loyal customers, such as myself, have to find other dry ciders, not the sickenly sweet americanized versions. there are already too many out there. I was banned on Facebook for suggesting another cider, I didn’t realize that was illegal and I was just giving folks a choice, since you took ours away from us.

    • and you give the facebook and twitter links, yet you have yet to respond to loyal customers. how is that working out for you?

  513. Um no… just… no. The new stuff is treacle. I am incredibly disappointed that Heineken doesn’t think Americans have a sophisticated enough palate to appreciate the original Strongbow. I have switched to Crispin which, I readily admit, is no Strongbow. However… *Strongbow* isn’t Strongbow any more. Ugh.

  514. You are going to lose money, lose loyal customers, and tear apart the brand identity of the best dry on the market. What are you thinking? Take a look at the comments on this page and on the Strongbow Facebook page.

  515. I really can not believe that you are discontinuing the original dry? That is the only reason I drink Strongbow. I hate the sugary sweet ciders that are out there. I tried the new flavor and do not like it at all. It sucks with and without ice. It is a poor copy of what is already out there everywhere. If you feel the need to cater to the sugar drinkers, just make both flavors. But for the love of all that is cider, bring back dry original.

  516. For someone who is allergic to hops, Strongbow had been my go to beverage for a decade now. My wife and I would actually pick where we eat based on who had Strongbow. I have tried every cider I’ve ever come across and they are always sickeningly sweet. You shouldn’t have to water down a cider for it to be enjoyable as you claim. We had the new gold flavor delivered to us at one of our favorite spots, and it was miserable. You want to import some new flavors, go right ahead but don’t lose the original. It was one of a kind flavor

  517. I agree with the comments below. I am very disappointed about this. All I drink is Strongbow. The new flavos are horrible and way too sweet! I will be looking for a new cider as well. Such a shame!

  518. Twice the sugar? Why would I drink this? We are about to do a blind taste test but I don’t even care if I like the “new” version. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken! This is absolutely ridiculous. Why can’t you offer the original strongbow in addition to the new favors? You are losing a lot of loyal customers and I will never ever buy a Heineken product again until you do the Strongbow name right and bring the original recipe back.

    • No need for a blind taste test because the stench coming off of the “new” strongbow was a give-away. If I wanted sparkling cider I would have bought that. Absolute crap.

  519. I’ve been a loyal Original Strongbow drinker for over 13 years. I had the pleasure of being introduced to it when I was serving in the US Army stationed in Belgium. Used to drink it religiously in Omalleys in Mons…..many many great times drinking your ORIGINAL recipe! When I found it in store shelves in the US, it was like reliving the post fond memories and enjoying my favorite and only cider I have ever enjoyed. Now, with this new recipe, it’s like raping my mind of everything I loved to think about in the past and replacing it with Apple flavored jolly rancher candies, telling me to be “a good little girl,” and telling me it will be alright. This is an atrocity! Get your act together, right the ship, bring back the ORIGINAL recipe, and satisfy your customer base! I will not nor ever endorse this swill you label as “Strongbow.” Your marketing department should be fired for thinking that this was a good idea. Your CEO should be canned for signing off on this “venture.” You are losing valuable customers so you can save money on this crap. BRING BACK THE REAL STRONGBOW!

  520. The new flavors are WAY to sweet. The original dry Strongbow in a can was my absolute favorite drink and I have been drinking it for the last 4 years! I could not be more disappointed that I can no longer find it anywhere! Hopefully it makes it’s way back so I can be a costumer again 🙁 Good to know I’m not the only one who is disappointed with this choice!

  521. After trying 4 stores, all I can find are the new strongbow flavors. My “old reliable” strongbow is nowhere to be found. Please tell me this is just a distribution snafu.

    I tried the new flavors, and they are just not as good (and a lot more like what else is out there). I hope to see the original back on the shelves soon. I’ll be very upset if strongbow has fallen into the “new coke” trap.

  522. Why would you destroy Strongbow and make it the same as all the other over sweet American brands. You stood out before and will just blend in which I doubt will help sales. #nomorestrongbow

  523. Just found my the last 6-pack left in the Target store. Will NEVER buy the new stuff, as the first time I tasted it I was mortified. I’m drinking the original as I write, and it’s even better knowing it’s my last chance. I BEG you – BEG – to at least start making the original and have 2 varieties if you must. But let us have our Strongbow!!!

  524. I am just devastated! I searched high and low for 19 years for my personal signature beverage. Upon traveling to Scotland to turn 40, I tried the original StrongBow and I have been totally hooked ever since! I drank approximately 1 case socially every other week.
    When I heard the news that the original recipe was being phased out, I was crushed. I cannot believe Heineken would destroy such a unique cider, to be what I believe, competitive with angry orchard and red’s apple ale. The new recipe is just too sweet! I cannot and will not drink it. It’s such a sad day for me! Please, please, bring it back! I feel like I’ve lost my best friend!
    A devoted “original StrongBow” fan

  525. Another customer lost here to the sugar water you call “Strongbow Gold”. Tried it last weekend and was disgusted. Hope you guys come to your senses soon and bring back old Strongbow (could be in addition to these flavors if you wanted). I’ll be going elsewhere for cider and NOT giving this or any other Heineken products another shot until you realize your mistake.

    A former fan,

  526. Have you also stopped approving new comments. It has been several days and my comment has not been approved. No one else’s it seems either.

  527. Wow. Is there one positive comment here? I agree with everything that’s posted here. You guys could introduce new flavors and leave the orginal instead you discontinued a great product both in cans and on draft. Fortunately two of our favorite pubs turned the new flavor kegs away in favor of Magners which is a happy runner up for my wife and me. New Strongbow is pretty awful. And over ice is your solution? That’s not how I drink my cider and even in a snakebite it’s way to sweet. All in all very disappointing.

  528. I became very upset when I asked for a Strongbow at my local bar and was given a “Gold Apple” instead. My horror later rose when I realized I could no longer find the original Strongbow in stores.

    The real Strongbow was my favorite cider, and I have many positive memories with it. The new formulas are sweet and unpleasant. I will not be drinking Heinekin’s Strongbow anymore. Sad times.

  529. Like everyone on here I am extrememly disappointed that the origional has been discontinued. It always stood apart in taste and low sugar/carbs. There is no way I will be drinking this new overly sugared drink! For anyone looking for something less sweet with low sugar and carbs try Square Mile, it is great tasting and only 6g of sugar! Sorry Strongbow you have lost another loyal customer!

  530. As a diabetic I am required to account for every carb and I was happy when I found Strongbow with only 12 carbs per can and a great taste. That’s less carbs than a light beer. Now a can is 25 carbs, 229 calories and went from a clean taste to an adult apple juice. Very disappointing. It has gone into the fray of overly sweet ciders. Never again.

  531. So disappointed. HEINEKEN USA, you have stopped responding. Is it because the only thing informative you could say is that the people here are not important to Heineken and are not its target demographic?

  532. This move shows a remarkable lack of customer knowledge. By removing the only non-sickly-sweet hard cider you can buy in the grocery/liquor store, you’ve immediately lost a loyal customer base, and provided them no replacement, and no option but to go and try other smaller brands. Whoever made this decision should be sacked immediately. Idiots. Also has anyone had luck with other brands?

    • Try Sonoma Cider, Vandermill, Uncle John’s… Blackthorn is okay, but a downgrade from the original Strongbow.. It’s not too similar to Strongbow, but there is a Crispin English style cider in tall green cans.. definately not sweet like the new Strongbow.. I look forward to more brands stepping up to take Strongbow’s place in this situation.. Several bars in my area have already stopped carrying the brand after their first shipment of the new stuff.

      Embarrassing decision by Heineken.

    • yes, but if i were to post, they would ban me as they did on Facebook for promoting another cider brand.

  533. The “new” Strongbows reminds me of when Coke changed its formula. It was a total disaster and the reason to this day the label is “Classic Coke”!!! You all have killed distinction for just another too sweet cider. Very sad and my last purchase!!!!

    • I am crushed. I cannot express my disappointment. I have been a loyal customer for the past 16 years…keyword Loyal….and have recruited numerous cider drinkers to the Original. We buy cases and cases at a time..and that was not an easy feat. Clearing different stores of their stock at one time but did so for the cause. We even recently shipped cases out of state. But we still did it because it is the best.

      I think it is awful that there was no warning…your retailers should have been more informed.

      Please tell me it’s temporary….



      • I came to New York from england 9 years ago, and since then have turned over 200 american friends to love strongbow, now they have broken my heart, its all i ever drank, considering going back to england, at least they would never sell out to sugar.
        All they had to do was add the new brands not delete the old ones

  534. I have really enjoyed the original strongbow and was so disappointed to see the original be replaced. I do not like beer and was initially excited about the rising popularity of cider in more recent years. However, they never lived up to strongbow, and now for some reason Heineken has decided to lower the strongbow standard so it’s just one of the many other disappointing ciders out there. I was happy to see the local bars switching brands away from strongbow now. Maybe I will be able to find a new cider. If I am forced to drink mediocre cider, I’ll go with a different brand, I can’t support a company who didn’t see the value in what they had.

    I was never one to like cider over ice, but I think it’s sad that you make a recommendation to try it over ice if we don’t like the new favors. If you need to dilute the flavor to make it drinkable, I’m sure there are better options.

    • i agree…it makes me sad that they think that is what all americans like. and i like it, hey if you do not like it, try watering it down so you can stomach it.

  535. When Stella Artois bought Budweiser the they didnt change anything about the beer. Why would they, that is why they bought it after all. Its a know seller, people know the name they know the beer. No need to mess with a proven seller. What makes no sense is that Heineken bought the rights to make and sell Strongbow, the #2 seller of hard ciders because obviously its a money maker. Why on earth would they change the product? It was the #2 seller the way it was in its orginal form. I use to enjoy a Heiniken… I will now boycott Heineken. I will no longer buy that product and I hope every strongbow lover does the same….We dont drink strongbow for the name, we drink it for how it tasted.

  536. My local store recently phased in the new Strongbow and we tried the first cans tonight. What a disappointment! Way too sweet, and just like a half dozen other (cheaper) brands. What kept us purchasing Strongbow, even when it was the more expensive cider option, was its fresh and less sweet taste. No more. Next time we’ll have to try the Stella Cidre mentioned below.

  537. There are a lot of people here angry over the removal of original Strongbow. I agree that it doesn’t make sense. I do think the hardest part about reading all these posts are the crappy generic responses given from Heineken. They very least they could do is provide information as to why. I can appreciate the business decision to release some sweeter versions for the masses but I fail to see the logic in doing away with the original when it is obviously extremely popular. I will not be purchasing any more of the too sweet new flavors and hope that they see the outcry for the original Strongbow and come to ther senses so we can continue to give them our money.

  538. Way too sweet. The taste is a rip off off of woodchuck and angry orchard. Terrible…

    have to switch to ACE only 8 grams of sugar.

  539. I am very disappointed. I’ve tried every cider I can and always said Strongbow was far and away the best I had ever had, and the one I would drink regularly. The bartenders don’t even ask when I walk into my local pub, they just start pouring. Now I will have to catch them, and stop them, and order something else I won’t enjoy as much as the original Strongbow. I can only wonder, not to sound arrogant but I have an MBA, who on your staff decided it would be a good idea to toss aside your competitive advantage over you competition (being an actual dry cider that WAS delicious) and at the same time destroy your branding by alienating your loyal consumers. I assume because it’s now cheaper, but if I was cheap, I’ll just drink Miller Lite. I’m so sorry to see the traditional cider go. Where once I would tell friends they had to try it and it was the best, now if I see a friend ordering it I will actively go out of my way to get them to order something else. You see you’ve not only lost me as a customer, now I will actively campaign against you, I think this new recipe is THAT bad.

  540. I’m so disappointed in Heineken. The new strongbow is one of the worst beverages I have ever drank. It is a glorified wine cooler. Whatever genius made the decision to discontinue the original should be forced to drink it, over ice of course! The only people that would drink this over ice are the middle age woman that are out of the Chardonnay they normally drink over ice. Not only have you lost me as a customer, I will no longer allow any hieneken product in my house.

  541. Extremely disappointed in the decision to discontinue the original strongbow flavor is an understatement. It frequently would sell out at my local grocery store and I would go extra miles just to find it. It was the only beer I would drink and judging by all of the backlash on this message board I am not the only one who feels this way. All of our family & friends knew they could count on us to have a fully stocked fridge of the original strongbow when ever we had people over. Both new flavors are entirely way too sweet. What are we supposed to do now? Now I’m left looking for a comparable replacement to the original as I will not be buying either of the new flavors again.

  542. I have to say, I am totally disappointed in the new Strongbow recipe. The original had a light, crisp taste that didn’t leave an after taste in your mouth like you’ve been sucking on a Jolly Rancher. I guess if your intentions were to mimic Woodchuck or Angry Orchard, congrats. Unfortunately, I’m not at all a fan. Stella Cidre has been the only other brand I am fond of although it has ran a far 2nd behind my Strongbow…looks like they just made a pass. I agree with other comments, if you felt the need to offer something closer to the sweet ciders out there, fine but couldn’t you have just added the two other options in addition to the original?

  543. Heineken hard cider tastes as good as it sounds. If it isn’t broke let’s fix it. I’ll be using the rest of my golden apple pints for target price, if i can’t get my money back.

  544. I appreciate the need to be competitive in the spirits market – however you are alienating a very loyal drinker base. I would plead with you to still offer the Orignial Hard Cider in addition to the new flavors I’m sure have tested well for you. I made the switch from Hornsbys and have chosen Strongbow over Cidre, Woodchuck, and Angry Orchard despite my favorite bartenders and retailers pushing those ciders on me when there was incentive to do so. Thank you for accepting your loyal customer’s feedback.

  545. I work for a bar, original sb was the long time standard for cider for us. The new varieties are too much like all the other sweet ciders. We’ll be dropping the new, in favor of something drier ala the original sb. We haven’t narrowed that down yet, we’re waiting on some more samples. Our customers, myself included, are sad to see the best dry cider out of production. We had good times, time to move on.

  546. I am just heartbroken I can no longer get the original Strongbow (without really searching.) Your two new offerings are not even close to being comparable, they are way too sweet. What does it say about your product when you have to tell your consumers to dilute it to make it taste better? You should have talked to the Coca Cola people and asked them how the whole new Coke thing went for them. So good bye Strongbow, unless the original is brought back.

  547. After nothing being able to find Strongbow in stores for a few weeks, I was getting worried it was gone forever. Today my fears were confirmed. I bought a six pack of the new “Strongbow” and was more than dissapointed. It was overly sweet, not refreshing, an overall terrible experience. I still have most of the six pack left and will not be drinking the rest (I’m not even interested in giving it away, just going to pour it down the drain). Whoever is doing the tasting and market research for your company is way off with the decision to terminate the previous flavor profile. You have lost my business and respect and to be honest, I would like to have the money back that I wasted on your new product.

  548. Very disappointed by the new options.
    Will not be drinking strongbow anymore.
    Big loss for myself, my friends, and all my customers who loved it and do not like the new blends.

  549. I relocated to the US over three years ago from the UK — one taste of home that has made this move much easier is Strongbow my drink of choice for over 20 years.

    I am devastated that the original (and best cider there is/was) has been discontinued – the replacement is awful and I will NEVER purchase or drink it again.

    Over the past few years I have introduced Strongbow to many of my new US friends who also became regular buyers.

    The new favors may appeal to a newer maybe even wider market – but why oh why throw away the market share that you already had? I am sure that I will not be alone in never buying the new strongbow again. I have already found alternatives that whilst not as good are far better than your new products.


  550. Why phase out the original recipe? It’s alone in offering a crisp, refreshing cider option that isn’t sickly sweet. Sure, add sweet options for the folks who enjoy that but keep the real thing.

  551. In the over fifty years I have been a loyal Strongbow drinker, I have never thought of adding sugar or honey to it. Now you, Heineken, want to force me to drink syrup instead of a good crisp, hard cider. What are you thinking? My wife bought me two six packs of this crap and, after tasting it, I would pour it down the sink except for fear of contaminating our septic system. Can I return it for a refund? There is already so much sickeningly sweet shite out there that we do not need another copycat bastardization of our Strongbow! By all means feel free to introduce the syrup for those who do not know what true hard cider is but PLEASE let original Strongbow sell alongside it. Does anyone else out there want to join a “Don’t mess with our Strongbow” campaign?

    • I’m in.

  552. Strongbow has been my favorite cider consistently. I am SO disappointed you’ve changed it. My friend and I went to our usual Irish bar and they had the “new” Strongbow. It was horribly sweet and we are extremely disappointed and will be back to drinking Magners there and will frequent other bars that have dryer local brands. It figures you’d ruin a good thing and make it more mainstream. Like changing the coke formula.

  553. Bring back the orginal strongbow! If I wanted to drink Apple Juice I would drink Red’s Apple Ale. Then to add insult to injury, some lady has bought out all the Traditional Strongbow throughout my city. She has probably spent $1000+. I bought the last case at the major liquor store in my town today. 🙁 I havent had a different beer besides the traditional Strongbow in the past year. I fell in love with it immediately. Ive tried your new crap and its way too sweet!

  554. I am saddened by the fact that you are discontinuing the original Strongbow. I have to agree with those below that the new flavors are way too sweet. Having to go gluten free has already drastically reduced my choices and now I am left with not much else. I have tried both of the new flavors and ended up giving them away, besides the fact the carbs/sugars have doubled. I think you should reconsider this decision as you have lost me as a customer.

  555. I pretty much liked every cider I have ever drunk. Except this new stuff from you. It taste like green apple jolly ranchers candy in a bottle. I hope nobody there is purposefully marketing to an underage audience. That would just be sick.

  556. Now we have to choose between Hike’s Hard and Strongbow. I’ll go with Mike’s Hard.

    • Not as good as the original Strongbow (of course), but the wife and I just tried Smith & Forge and we liked it. Magners is ok too. Harder to find here in the States, but IMHO Blackthorn might now be the best dry on the market.

      Note – 16 year (now) former Strongbow drinker. So much for my HMFC Jersey…

  557. I have refused to drink any beer or cider except Strongbow for 5 years. If you don’t have strongbow I will drink water…NOW I will only be drinking water. I am so disappointed that you would quit making something that has been around for so long and that is a great tasting product. You are trying to compete with the super sweet GROSS American ciders but all you did was make strongbow taste like them. TRUE CIDER DRINKERS don’t want them and now we don’t want your stuff. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL RECIPE. PLEASE.

  558. I was a regular consumer of the original recipe in 500ml cans. Went to the store today and found 14.9 ounce cans with new recipe and a lot more sugar. You just lost another customer.

  559. I have to cheer (using a non-cider beverage) the disappointment already expressed here over the loss of the original Strongbow flavor. It was inimitable and an order of magnitude better than other varieties of cider out there in the US or UK. I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t keep the original as your “dry” (or if necessary, “brut”) version, which would not lose you any customers. Phasing it out has. I won’t buy this Hard Apple pap again.

    • My favorite beverage is now going away. I tried your new version yesterday and just couldnt stomach the doubling of the sugar. There is no resemblance to the old. There is a resemblance to all of your competitors ciders though. With such an original taste I am not sure why you couldn’t keep making it in limited quantities for those of us who know what hard cider should taste like. I look forward to the day when you bring delicious cider back

  560. Like all others who have commented here, I too am an original Strongbow only drinker. I am devastated that the one and only Cider I drink is going away. This new Gold Apple tastes just like Woodchuck and is crap. If I wanted Woodchuck, I would buy Woodchuck. I buy original Strongbow every week, like many others on here. Why you cannot simply add the Gold Apple without replacing the original is beyond me. Seems to me that if you cared at all about your end customer you would listen to what people are saying here. But obviously you do not care about your end customer. I will not buy the Gold Apple nor will I buy any of your other brands for any member of my household. If you appreciated any of the comments you are receiving here (which you state that you do) you would bring the original back into your repertoire!

  561. Way too sweet! Why did the have to get rid of the original strongbow? All they did was lower the alcohol and double the sugar. Sounds like a loose loose for a stronbow lover. 🙁

  562. I have to admit that I am disappointed about the “new” Strongbow. I can understand a company wanting to make changes, but why not keep the original as well as the new flavors? I remember when Coke introduced the “new coke” which consumers despised, thus resulting in Coke bringing back the original. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. I have always been a long time consumer of Strongbow and now feel like I have to branch out…

  563. The new “gold apple” is a teaspoon of sugar away from being a Wyders, the stuff is horrible! Unfortunately I’ll be cheering my friends without a Strongbow in my hand from here on out. What a shame…